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#1- What is a stem cell?

First of all, stem cells are considered to be the base of all other cells in your system. More accurate, stem cells represent the sites where your organs and tissues started. Nobody can say that they don’t own stem cells, because they are inevitable to our bodies.

The main objective of a stem cell is the healing process. They lie latent in our bodies until they receive a signal that the body has been injured. On the next step, they follow our platelets to the injured body.

#2- How many stem cells can you fine in your body.

Because our bodies develop through the years, our stem cells do the same thing.

Researchers have discovered 5 categories of stem cells:

  • Adult stem cells. These stem cells are the most known, and they can be found in our brain, heart, liver, bone, and skin. However, they are limited edition, and can’t reheal every time.
  • Cord-blood stem cells. Surprisingly, these stem cells are derived from our umbilical cord. They are also in limited edition but work much greater in bone-marrow transplants.
  • Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS cells). These are not so natural as the ones already mentioned. They are engineered by scientists in a laboratory from specialized cells that have shared qualities to those of embryonic stem cells.
  • Nuclear transfer (NT)- ES cells. Another artificial stem cells, developed in 2013. There are stem cells created by taking the DNA from a somatic cells and using it to replace the genetic material in an egg. These look like how we wanted to see the future.
  • Embryonic stem cells.the advantage of embryonic stem cells is they are pluripotent so they can work in all three primary germ layers and can generate all of the 200+ cells found in the adult human body.

#3- What is a stem cell therapy?

From the biomedical industry, the stem cell therapy los angeles part is the most interesting one, or, at least that’s what researchers say. The stem cell therapy consists of changing the system of cells from one body to another. This process is called a transplant.


But how do you know if a stem cell therapy is successful in the end? There are a number factors to consider, such as; choosing the right type of stem cells, they must be matched in a recipient (they should not be destroyed by any external factors), and controlling the differentiation of stem cells and ensure that they develop into the desired tissue type.

  1. Top 10 best stem cell therapy clinic in Los Angeles


The list below provides you the most famous names of stem cell therapy clinics in Los Angeles:


  • Marc Darrow. He has a private clinic, with over 200 patients.
  • Pain and Healing Institute.
  • Greg S. Khounganian.
  • Arash Dini
  • Carlos Guanche
  • Aesthetica LA The founder doctor of this clinic is Arezou Yaghoubian
  • Stem Cell Institute of Los Angeles
  • Advanced Stem Cell Institute
  • The Joint and Spine Institute
  • Body Systems Wellness





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