Fri. Apr 19th, 2024

Custom t shirts or graphic tees are high in demand. As more and more people look to buy, it is inevitable to have more supply and businesses jumping into the market. More competition means you will have to work hard to promote and grow your printing business. This is even more difficult when you are working with businesses and offering bulk screen printing or t shirt printing services. 

We have shared some of the tips to help you outgrow your competition and get new clients.     

Build a Customer Network

Networking is a basic prerequisite when it comes to having a successful printing business. You cannot play big if your range of connections is big as well. So, make sure that you build a large and compact network around your printing business.

Your network doesn’t only include your clients, but it comprises of much more than that. It includes the raw material providers, distributors, along with a whole range of other similar people. So, you have to have a good bond with all of these people if you wish to manage a sustainable and ever-growing printing business.    

Design an Online Store

People only do business with what they see. If they are unable to have a detailed peek in your business, they are unlikely to work with you. Therefore, to present your business before the whole world, you need to develop a digital store for your business.

There are numerous online platforms with which you can easily develop a website for your printing business. This website will act as the space for your online store. Here, you can showcase your services, offer deals and discounts, publish news about your company, and go public about all the big achievements regarding your printing business.   

Offer Discounts & Promotions

In order to grow your printing business, you will need to tempt your potential clients into using your services. This, however, isn’t possible without offering waivers and discounts to them. So, regularly give discounts on coupons or referrals to your customers.

Secondly, you can also offer discounts on promotions. If an existing client of yours promotes your business to his peers, he should be entitled to enjoy a suitable discount on your services. This way, you will not only be able to retain your existing clientage but you will attract more potential customers as well, therefore, growing your printing business.   

Engage in Online Marketing Tact

You can taste success at any business if you know the tricks of the marketing business. Through effective marketing, you can sell anything to anyone at any price. Whereas, if you are not good at doing marketing of your business, your business won’t be able to compete in the competitive marketplace.

There are many ways to do online marketing for your printing business. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for the purpose of showcasing digital content related to your business. You can also start posting interesting videos on YouTube related to your printing work. Moreover, you can also start uploading blogs on your website using targeted keywords so that your work becomes SEO prominent.    

Do Email Marketing

Another great way to showcase your printing business before your potential clients are through email marketing. Email marketing allows you to send newsletters and other finished work related to your potential clients, so as to let them know the quality of your work.

Moreover, you can send them custom made birthday cards which also depict the quality of your printing work. This way, you can get the attention of most relevant clients without putting in a lot of effort.  

Start a PPC Campaign

Pay Per Click is another effective way to promote your printing business. You can kick start PPC campaigns for your printing business so that people may indulge in them in order to gain discount offers. These PPC campaigns appear as targeted ads on various websites that your potential clients can follow and therefore, know more about your work.


The options are many when it comes to expanding your printing business. You need to develop a strong clientage first with a maximum retention rate. This should be followed by new and effective marketing tactics so that your business gets the necessary attention of relevant people around your circles. With these simple but effective ways, you surely can increase the magnitude of your printing business and that too within a very short span of time. 

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