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If 2020 was your year for a big summer vacation, the coronavirus pandemic has probably ruined your plans. It’s probably not going to be possible to do things like go on a cruise ship, party in Ibiza, go to music festivals or walk the busy streets of Venice, Singapore or New Orleans (among many others) for a very long time.

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused many places to impose lockdowns, and airlines are likely to run limited services for at least another year or so. For many, it’s going to be key to keep it local or travel a very short distance by car,

So, what can you do to make the most of your summer holiday plans for 2020? Here are some of the best ideas to help you plan a holiday and to avoid the possibility of coronavirus infections.

Campervan road trip

An easy way to enjoy diverse scenery and maintain physical distancing is to get in a campervan. You’ll be able to enjoy self-catering and go sightseeing without relying on public transport or even booking a hotel.

Many countries have a good network of campsites, and you probably have some beautiful places near you where you can explore with a campervan or a tent.

Yacht charter

If you’re lucky enough to live close to the sea, chartering a boat for a week or more is an excellent way to explore with your family and friends. With boat charter companies like Sailing Whitsundays – Wings, you’ll be able to avoid crowds, find hidden beaches or islands, and even go swimming without getting too close to other people. In fact, you don’t even need the sea, with options for canal boats or even exploring rivers and lakes if you can.

Most boats can sleep at least six people, and with options for self-catering, you don’t need to go to restaurants either. You’ll get to explore different towns and villages and experience a different type of vacation.

There are lots of sites where you can find a yacht rental, often for a very reasonable price.

Hiking trails

Heading into your local wilderness trails with a tent on your back is going to be popular in the coming years. For many people, you won’t even need to travel as there are often nature and hiking trails running from city suburbs into the great outdoors. 

Research your route to find campsites or other places you can pitch a tent before you set off. Many tourist offices will have information about local trails.

Cycling tours

Get on your bike and explore the hidden roads of your local area with a bike. You can either do day trips into your locality or venture further afield with a tent. There are often great cycling networks, especially in Europe, North America and parts of Asia. These can be excellent options to discover a part of your local region that you might never have seen before. 


There is a growing trend for eco-holidays around the world, often in secluded properties. It’s usually quite a simple case of social distancing in these retreats as they usually limit the number of visitors. Some eco retreats also offer classes where you can learn a skill, or perhaps volunteering. 

Simply search for ‘eco-retreat’ or ‘eco-lodge’ in your area. Another option is to search for things like permaculture initiatives, WWOOFING (where you work on a farm or ranch)  

Volunteer programs

With all this global disruption, perhaps you want to do your bit to help the planet? A great way to spend your summer vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic could be helping to clean beaches of rubbish, plant trees, work with wildlife conservation programs or other volunteer opportunities. Search for volunteering sites in your area, or ask on your local social media groups.

Visit the next city

Bored with your own city after the lockdown? Most of us don’t travel much in our own regions, and perhaps even have a city or town close to us that we’ve never really visited properly. Book in with a hotel or home swap and go explore the neighbouring city or town, like you’ve been meaning to for all this time…

Alternatively, if you’re thinking of escaping towns and cities, there is probably a region (or maybe even a different country!) an hour’s drive from your home. Make the most of the travel limitations and see what you can find an hour or so from home.

Get to know your own city…!

Perhaps you’ve been locked down and realised that actually, you don’t even know your own city. Why not spend a summer vacation in your own city, after all, it’s on your doorstep – literally! Make a point of doing some of the typical tourist things you might normally have avoided, especially as there are likely to be fewer tourists this year. 

Go up the tallest building, take a boat cruise, go to the tacky attractions, take selfies in the parts of your town you probably haven’t visited on purpose for a while. The Coronavirus outbreak offers a great opportunity to get reacquainted with your own home town.

Whatever your vacation plans during the COVID-19 pandemic, be sure to stay safe, respect government guidance and maintain social distancing regulations.

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