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There are a lot of good NFL teams as we approach the halfway mark of the regular season. Even though we still have ten weeks left, we can get some solid bets on Super Bowl betting odds. These picks will not be just the top teams as we are searching for value and will explain why each team has a great chance of hitting for us. These will be the consensus betting odds, so make sure you understand that going in. Without further ado, let’s get some money here!

Minnesota Vikings (+1960)

The Minnesota Vikings have been one of the best overall teams in the NFL this season, and these are the longest odds that we will talk about. With the Green Bay Packers looking a bit shaky in the first few weeks, this seems to be the Minnesota Vikings division to win. Justin Jefferson is currently leading the NFL in receiving yards. First-year head coach Kevin O’Connell has done extremely well to ensure his team is dominating. 

This is without running back Dalvin Cook doing exactly what he was expected to do and dominating on the ground. As of this writing, Minnesota is 4-1 and has won a game against each divisional opponent. They seem to have a great chance of winning and being competitive in every single game and should continue being a tough team to play with good defense and a great offense. 

Philadelphia Eagles (+680)

The last undefeated team is the Philadelphia Eagles, who have shown the ability to dominate throughout the regular season thus far. The only thing that gives me trepidation is the fact that quarterback Jalen Hurts has not shown the ability to throw the ball consistently in the red zone, as he has four passing touchdowns throughout his first five games of the regular season. 

This team has shown the ability to dominate on the ground as running back Miles Sanders is fourth in the NFL in rushing yards and is a huge reason why they are second in the NFL in total yards and fourth in total yards allowed. This defense is forcing turnovers and keeping the football as they have an NFL-leading +9 turnover differential heading into Week 6 and should continue doing well as they seem to be the best threat to locking up the first seed in the NFC. 

Kansas City Chiefs (+620)

There is a reason the Kansas City Chiefs are considered to be one of the odds-on favorites right now to win the Super Bowl, and that is because of their electric offense. One reason for their success is obviously the elite play of quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who is fifth in passing yards and leading the NFL with 15 passing touchdowns entering Week 6. The offense seems to be doing just fine without wide receiver Tyreek Hill as guys like tight end Travis Kelce and wide receivers Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Juju Smith-Schuster are making impactful plays. 

Kelce has been used even more in this offense, as he has seven receiving touchdowns. 

Their defense may be giving up points, but on third-down attempts, they force teams to struggle as they give up third-down conversions 38.46 percent of the time. The biggest issue is that their defense is not getting the extra offensive possessions, as they have one interception and zero fumble recoveries through their first five games this season. 


While a few teams feel like they have a legitimate shot right now to be considered Super Bowl contenders, I like franchises with recent success and solid quarterback play that will win these games. Other teams like Baltimore, Buffalo, and San Francisco can be considered as well. 

Still, I really don’t like the value as it feels like Kansas City will have a home-field advantage over Buffalo, and that means the Chiefs have the advantage as top seeds with a bye typically make the Super Bowl. You will have a great shot of a futures bet paying off on the Minnesota Vikings to win the super bowl if they dethrone the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Central division and get a first-round bye in the playoffs.

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