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The most popular sports in the field of sports betting

Betting on sports is becoming more and more popular. Originally, this trend comes from England, a betting-crazy nation. There people bet on pretty much everything, but most of all on different sports. The betting fever reached the rest of Europe a few years ago. In other countries, bets are usually placed on those sports that are also broadcast on television. You can get more such tips from establishes bookies, do check out the Betfred Opening Hours.

Soccer at the top

Not surprisingly, soccer is the top betting sport in almost all countries. Bets are placed on national and international soccer matches. Particularly high bets are placed when major events such as World Cups are coming up. A small disadvantage, however, is that the odds on this popular sport are very low. If you bet on underdogs who have little chance of winning, you can expect good odds, but the chances of winning are very slim.

Other ball sports

The situation is somewhat different for other ball sports. After soccer, tennis is actually the sport on which bets are placed second most often. Then comes already basketball, although here there are hardly, to no major competitions in the country. Here, many sports fans dodge to foreign countries and bet, for example, on teams that play in the USA. There, basketball is similarly popular as soccer is here.

One of the advantages of betting over the Internet is the possibility to bet on sports events abroad. Therefore, even fans of marginal sports like volleyball can bet on games. Volleyball results are also often delivered right away by the betting providers. However, if you want to bet on volleyball and other fringe sports and also win occasionally, you will have to spend a lot more time and effort gathering information and statistics on the teams.

Winter and indoor sports

Seasonal sports, especially when it comes to major events, are also increasingly becoming the focus of sports betting. In the area of indoor sports, ice hockey is one of the most popular sports to bet on. Here again, bets are mainly placed on international teams, as there are few national field hockey players and also little to no major competitions.

In addition to indoor sports, bets are also placed on outdoor winter sports. Here, bets are placed mainly on the first three places in sporting events.

E-sports on the rise

Both in terms of sports and betting, e-sports are becoming increasingly important. One reason for this is that it is obvious to link digital sports with digital betting as well. The e-sports sector is a steadily growing market that not only produces many fans, but also more and more players who turn their hobby into a profession.

However, anyone who believes that it is enough to play a computer game well is mistaken. As with any sport, a lot of training and a lot of experience go into playing a game. An additional challenge is that most e-sports games are usually played in a group. So to be really successful here, the whole team has to function. This is also something to consider when betting on e-sports. Compared to other sports, mostly only those who are familiar with the game themselves and maybe even play it themselves bet here. In fact, betting on e-sports is quite a challenge, as it involves less physical requirements, but tactics, skill and a high mental resilience. All this is much more difficult to train than muscles, which is why it is often more challenging to place good bets in the field.

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