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Symbiosis College in itself is a big name which does not need any introductions. Students who have the plans of higher studies in terms of post-graduation are very fond and excited to get admission in Symbiosis College. Symbiosis is the most famous college located in Pune which runs regular as well as distance learning classes. The admission in Symbiosis College is very difficult but once the person is admitted in the college, the life of the person is set. The placement provided by the college is the best as very good companies are connected with the college.

The regular college of Symbiosis college is very famous but in case the person does not get an admission in the college, he or she can also apply for the admission in the Symbiosis College of distance learning— also known as SCDL. There are many students connected with Symbiosis through distance learning and completing their post-graduation within their own comfort zone. There are number Symbiosis centres in different cities through which the students get connected with the college. The fees of the distance learning are less as compared to the regular classes of the Symbiosis College. In the case of the Symbiosis college of distance learning, all the proceedings are conducted online as the students are present all over India at different locations and it is not possible for each one of them to commute (always) to the main location of the college.

Although the course and the study materials are provided by different registered centres, the classes are not conducted, so the students might face problems during the exams, projects, and assignments. There are many centres that would provide the students with the SCDL support. The Symbiosis projects and the symbiosis assignments are communicated to the students either by the mail or on the centres. Every rules and regulation on how the projects and assignments should be done and submitted to the college or to the centre is given to them.

Even after all guidelines, the students might face in completing the SCDL projects and SCDL assignments so we the SCDL support will help you to complete the assignments and exams. We provide the students with top-class SCDL projects and assignments. We formulate the projects and assignments from feedback from the college based from previous years’ students’ performances. These projects are very well completed by the old students and we can provide you with similar quality for your help in completing the new project at the minimal cost. The projects are not the same, they are completed by different students in different ways that have scored the best marks amongst them all. In Symbiosis college of Distance learning, most of the time the projects and assignments are repeated so the projects of the old batch students which are with us can be the boon for the current batch students.

During exams in regular college students complete their preparation with the study material and then give the finishing touch to the preparation by practicing the old sample papers. These old sample papers are of great help to the students as it gives them the idea of how the question would be. It helps them to know the marks distribution and weight of marks of each question. Sometimes, the marks distribution is known to the students but still, the scoring becomes difficult because the answer pattern is not known to them. In regards to the Symbiosis College of distance learning, there are two Symbiosis exams held in a year and fluctuation in any one of them can hamper the year of the student.

The other reason to practice the previous year’s sample paper is that there are about 90 to 95 percent chances that the question might repeat in the Symbiosis exams. The questions that come in the Symbiosis exams are mostly from the syllabus so the questions tend to repeat in the exams. Solving the previous year’s question papers makes the student habituated and during the exams, it does not make the student totally stranger from the current question papers.

In this regards, we would be very helpful for the distance learning students as we can provide them with the previous year’s sample papers of Symbiosis college for all the subjects at the minimal rates. We have the both solved and unsolved sample papers. The rates for both the papers are slightly different. The solved question papers for all the subjects are answered in the form of how the marks would be scored by the students and how the marks are allotted for every answer.

We would be happy to help all the distance learning students of the Symbiosis to complete their assignments and projects and give their best in the semester exams.

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