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With a Cisco certification after complete networking and communications training and some work experience in IT, you can get to a great peak of your career. Cisco is a company which makes all networking and communication-related systems and hardware. And they also provide certifications. Many institutions are there who in collaboration with Cisco Systems Inc., give this special training to the already networking and communications certified IT technicians. And from them, you can also get your special Cisco certification, which will be your golden gate to the best job role, and a job of your dreams with a great salary package in IT.

Benefits of getting Cisco certified

Cisco certification has great advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • A Cisco certified IT engineer gets a great recognition globally. Not only is the person valued and respected for the special experience, training, and certification in his or her own concern, but the person earns the same respect everywhere he or she moves and visits. This special reputation and respect one earns with this certification is worth noting.


  • Being certified in this way is a great advantage in job search too as you hunt jobs. When you present your resume with this experience and certification mentioned, then you get special attention from the employers, and many get biased to pick you. In fact, Cisco certified IT technicians never have to wait for a job. Rather they get hunted by employers for jobs.


  • The support and direct access to learning materials and resources which Cisco-certified technicians get from Cisco company directly is also a great benefit. In case of any tough troubleshooting where one needs more idea and assistance, one can get directly connected to technicians and trainers of the company for great instant assistance.


  • With the help of Cisco certified IT technician and experts, you as the entrepreneur can develop great IT-based products, business concepts and so on. This can bring on a great boost to business revenue and proliferate and establish the business in a great way.


  • When a business or an office has Cisco certified IT experts, then they have been found to always stay ahead in work, target meeting, innovations and all. The technician helps boost the business and office work productivity too.


  • When it involves installing and applying Cisco products, then there can be none as good a Cisco certified person to handle this. The technician would not just do this most perfect, but also enhance connectivity, and communication in the network to the best.


  • If as the business you have employed Cisco certified experts in the office, you are most likely going to get confirmed and faster client relations in an improved platform. That’s because of your team having a certified technician, which elevates the quality of work. Therefore, this helps earn the trust of clients.

How to get Cisco certified?

You can get certified by completing a set of examinations. It’s true that getting this certification can improve and spike up our IT career in one go. But it’s also true that to get this certification you need to work hard, study hard, train hard, handle projects and real-life-challenges in IT, and then you may get the certification. This involves meeting a few steps, completing the exams successfully, and finally get to that stage when you can be certified to handle any challenge with the knowledge in network and communications.

The various certifications in Cisco

There are many fields in Cisco too. And with this certification, you can become an expert in many things like:

  • Architect
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud
  • Design
  • Cybersecurity Operations
  • Industrial IoT
  • Data Center
  • Wireless
  • Routing and Switching
  • Service Provider
  • Security

The various certification levels

If you are planning to get Cisco certified, then you must know that there are some levels in certifications. They are as follows:

  • Entry level certification is for the beginners. This tests for basic skills in networking and communications.
  • The associate certification is the next level and quite respected level. This establishes one as a good cisco professional who can be relied on for good networking work and foundations.
  • The next level is the Professional level. Here the experts get more experienced to handle direct Cisco products. This again is differentiated into CCDP and CCNP certificates.
  • The expert certification falls among one of the most advanced of all.
  • The Architect certification is the highest one can attain, and definitely the most valuable and respected of all.


With a proper CiscoCCNA certification, you can write your own destiny in IT. This is such a powerful certification that your value as the IT expert and technician will get increased ten times, and you will see the difference instantly. Employers would love to hire you, and the current employer would treat you as an asset of the company.

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