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Best Baby Thermometer

It’s very difficult to identify the mood of the babies. One minute the baby is cheerful and joyous and the other second he/she becomes fussy or might even have a running temperature. There are many reasons for babies getting a fever. However, you must make sure that you are using the best baby thermometer to ensure good health for your babies. Some times, the fevers are not worrisome if you take the help of the most accurate thermometer for the kids. 

A fever is basically defined by 100.4 or higher body temperature. You can easily check out the baby’s temperature orally by checking out the armpit or the forehead. The most important thing is to use the best thermometer for kids in order to have a better solution for your babies. 

The newborn fevers are basically a special case for the babies and it always requires the parents to call a pediatrician as they are more into the treatment of the illness and infections during the first three months. In case your baby is older than three months, these are some of the common causes along with the fever that might make you call a doctor- 

  • RSV
  • Ear infection 
  • Teething 
  • Croup 
  • Flue
  • Pneumonia 
  • Recent vaccinations 

If you talk about the babies, they are much less efficient at regulating their own body temperatures as compared to adults that makes them susceptible to the fever more often. A fever is basically an immune response when something goes wrong in the body. Thus, fever in itself is worrisome and is a cause of an underlying infection that might be a cause of concern. So, if your baby has a fever and it is not accompanied by any other symptoms then it is quite harmless. However, here are some of the danger signs that you must look out for monitoring the baby’s fever in a well-balanced way- 

  • The decrease in the wet diapers 
  • Lethargy 
  • Lack of usual energy 
  • Extreme sleepiness 
  • Cracked skin and dry lips 
  • Crying continuously 
  • Dehydration 
  • No improvements in the fever even after medication 
  • A fever that’s higher than 104
  • A fever in the baby who is younger than three months 

There are fevers who often accompany various types of respiratory illnesses. The babies who are especially newborns basically need the adequate amount of oxygen all the time so you can out the pediatrician immediately if the baby is struggling to breathe. The white, blue skin, wheezing, pulling the muscles around the ribs, grunting, crying are all signs of the baby who is facing issues with the breathing and needs a doctor as soon as possible. So, if you are really concerned about your baby’s temperature, KeaBabies is the online store where you will find two types of thermometer for your use. 

One is a digital thermometer that is designed for checking out the temperature of your child orally by keeping it under the armpit of the baby. This thermometer is flexible, non-invasive and soft. It comes with the storage case which ensures that it stays clean all the time.

 There’s also a KeaBabies ear and forehead infrared thermometer which is great for the squirmy toddlers and babies who don’t like sitting for long enough to get you a good reading on the thermometer. 

Apart from this, there’s an ear and forehead thermometer which is silent, fast and easy to use. It has various color warnings to make it even easier for the parents to read, for instance, green will mean temperature is normal, red means, the baby has a fever and so on. 

Keep the products in hand to check out the child’s temperature and make your life simple and easy. 

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