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A lot of smokers have now reformed from the hazardous habit with the help of the e-cigarettes. This trend has been witnessed in both Europe and America. These e-cigarettes are electronic devices that deliver a vapor by simply heating a tank that contains a substance referred to as e-juice. This device has become a handy or a must-have tool for those intending to quit smoking.

However, the trend may not be similar in the UK as compared to the US. Statistically you will notice that e-cigarettes are far much used is the Britain at a rate that surpasses its usage in the US. What are the reasons behind this trend? Well, could there be restrictions on the side of states? In the UK, e-cigs are widely available and you can purchase from companies like this. . There are a couple reasons for this.

Fewer Restrictions

A while back, there was a heated debate on e-cigs. The UK parliament put forward a suggestion to lessen restrictions pertaining use of e-cigarettes. The reason behind such a move is to help get rid of the habit of traditional smokers. It was a public health fixing measure.

On the same note, one of the UK’s parliamentary committees revealed that these vaping kits are 95 per cent less hazardous than all traditional cigs. That is why it was strongly accepted and endorsed as an alternative in spite of the few uncertainties over its use in the long term. Eventually, the government has not lessened the restrictions on the use of e-cigs.

See, these might have caused traders to leverage the government acts thus increasing the vending of the vaping kits. However, America raised concerns over its risks in the long term use of the kits and also its alluringness to small kids.

Vaping Perceived Encouragement or a Discouragement to smoking

In the UK, use of e-cigs is perceived as a way to quit smoking. They state that aping is 95 percent safer compared to smoking cigarettes. This makes most UK citizens vape comfortably knowing that they are reducing the health risks associated with smoking traditional cigarettes.

On the other side, the US fear endorsing such products claiming that they might lure more non-smokers to smoking. This will increase health issues linked to smoking as well as skyrocket annual deaths caused by this dangerous habit of inhaling smoke on a daily basis. So, the UK sees it as a discouragement to smoking while their counterparts perceive it as an encouragement to the hazardous habit.

E-cig Production and Marketing

In the UK, most companies that used to produce traditional cigs have now turned into e-cig production to cover the increasing demand. Taxes have also been reduced on most vaping products especially on production and advertising. This has made it possible to find e-cigs in most shops and one can even purchase them online. But it is not widely produced and advertised in the US.


You have seen the reasons why vaping kits are more available in the UK than in the US. Every side has its own reasons as to why they encourage the use of e0-cigs or discourage its use. However, the most important thing to note is that vaping has myriad benefits that come with its use. So, you should not shy away from getting yourself an e-cig if you intend to quit smoking.

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