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There is nothing in the world that women cannot achieve. From the corporate sector to the industrial world, and from fighting for the rights to entertaining the world, women are breaking the stereotypes and coming out far stronger and much more determined.

Huda Kattan, the owner of Huda Beauty, is the queen of makeup artists with a net worth of $550 million. Sanna Marin, Finland’s youngest-ever prime minister. Greta Thunberg, a 17-year-old Swedish girl, is leading the climate change awareness movement. Angelina Jolie, a top Hollywood actress and a humanitarian. Rihanna, the world’s richest female musician. These are a few examples of how powerful women can be when they are determined, passionate, and are working at their full potential.

Unfortunately, many women fail to achieve their dreams and give up on their life goals. The reason behind it is clear; these women are unaware of their true potential and capabilities. They allow their minds to limit their ability to excel in their lives, which prevents them from performing at their fullest potential. It is where other women can play a significant role.

There is no denying there; no one can understand a woman better than a woman. It is due to this reason that women have to help each other. Instead of weighing each other down, women need to serve as a support in this man-dominant world. Unity can take women to the highest peaks of success. An advocate of women unity, Kristina Johnson, is a business analyst and coach who is working to help fellow women discover their true selves and find their hidden potential.

Discover, Prepare, Aim, and Shoot

Kristina Johnson, the 39-year-old business analyst, business coach, health and fitness coach, is playing a crucial role in empowering women by helping them break the barriers created by their own minds. The only deterrent in a woman’s life is her mind. Once a woman takes control of her mind, she can achieve anything and everything. Kristina is a firm believer in the power of women’s unity. By sharing her life experiences, Kristina wishes to teach other women the power of self-love and self-care. These two factors plan a prominent role in helping people find their true selves and improve their performance in both their professional as well as personal life.

The first step is to discover one’s true potential, and this is where Kristina helps fellow women. It is one of the most difficult phases for a woman because her only enemy is her mind, which sets boundaries and prevents them from achieving their dreams and life goals. Kristina Johnson founded the Visionary Mindset Academy on November 1, 2019, with support from her husband, Simeon Johnson. Through her academy, she wants to help women perform better in life. By using her techniques that she learned in Japan and throughout her professional experience, she wants every woman to feel confident in their own skin.

Not only is she helping women fight the daily battles in their lives, but it also helps them boost their productivity in their workplace by gaining control of their lives. Kristina is a business coach who understands what women have to go through every day to make a reputation in the corporate world. She has spent years in the corporate world and does not want other women to face the challenges she faced. It took her years to realize that she was meant to help others improve their lives.

Kristina walks with other women until they finally discover their potential, prepares them to fight the battles, encourages them to establish aim, and provides them with the strength to shoot for their set goals.

Entering the World of Coaching and Training

During her teens, Kristina was passionate about competing in beauty pageants. She used to read magazine articles and blogs that revolved around the idea of women’s growth. Moreover, her loving parents introduced her to the concept of helping others. All these factors collectively encouraged Kristina to explore the option. She also spent a year in Japan, when she was one of the two students from Wright State University to attend their sister University in Japan. She learned a great deal about their culture and even taught many Japanese students the English language. In addition to this, she has coached her relatives and friends. She dedicated her entire life to learning and considered it her duty to help struggling women improve the quality of their lives.

After completing her three master’s degrees in Business, Informatics, and Health Administration in December 2018, she decided to set up her academy where she could use her knowledge to help women tap their untapped professionals through life coaching. She also established her blog, Johnson Post, in an attempt to push women to become better and stronger versions of themselves. Her knowledge, diverse professional portfolio, hunger to learn, and passion for helping others makes her an exemplary personality in the world where women struggle to fulfill their dreams and acquire success.

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