Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Amidst COVID-19 Crisis 

Within the traditional classroom experience throughout the United States, countless students have systematically felt the sting of limited resources, large class sizes, and limited one-on-one instruction time. As a result of these conditions, students have experienced gaps in learning in the vastly cumulative subject of math. Now, with the entire educational system upended due to the widespread Coronavirus outbreak, and subsequent indefinite school closures, educators are scrambling to find effective ways to provide comprehensive education for all students. From online learning models, PDF worksheet packets, and even classroom Zoom meetings, educators across the country are recognizing the potential of alternative teaching methods to provide consistent education throughout this time of uncertainty.


New Classrooms’ Teach To One is a forward-thinking mathematical education model that aims to effectively meet each student at their unique comprehension level and maximize learning gains through personalized learning. Teach To One identifies gaps in learning, and innovative algorithms provide real-time comprehension tracking, ensuring that each student fully grasps a beginning concept prior to moving forward to the next concept. This allows educators to maximize their impact through a multi-modality approach. Already partnered with various school districts across every U.S. time zone, Teach To One’s ongoing commitment to the evolution of education has shown impressive results.


Consistently seeking feedback from educators to maximize program efficacy, Teach To One has swiftly transitioned to a fully virtual and remote learning platform, aiming to provide educators with the support needed to effectively continue to provide positive learning experiences for all students. Understanding the vast impact of the unprecedented widespread closing of schools, Teach To One’s CEO and Co-Founder Joel Rose recently provided insights about Teach To One’s mission to provide effective learning infrastructure during this time. Rose stated, “As learning has largely shifted to the home environment, we have been able to leverage key aspects of Teach to One so that students can continue to access math curriculum, lessons, and assessments that are tailored to their unique strengths and needs.”


As Teach To One was previously designed to provide proactive communication between educators, students, and support staff through exit interviews, an adaptive curriculum based on ongoing performance, and daily scheduling support, these inherent features have become a solid foundation for a totally virtual home-based learning environment spearheaded by Teach To One. With these functions, educators can remain abreast of each student’s daily activity and comprehension gains. Through this continuity of services, educators utilizing Teach To One will be able to return to the classroom without disruption of services upon the reopening of schools.


While the vast changes swiftly foisted upon the country’s educators, students, and families has undoubtedly left a sense of potential chaos, forward-thinking models like Teach To One, which can provide effective math education for remote learning environments, are welcome amid today’s uncertainty.


About Teach To One


Co-Founded by Joel Rose and Chris Rush, Teach to One: Math is a personalized learning math instruction model that aims to create an all-encompassing learning experience for every student, regardless of comprehension level or learning style. With an assortment of innovative learning modules, students maximize their comprehension through effective, individualized lessons created around their unique needs. These modules also utilize socially aware group activities and traditional educator-led instruction.


Teach to One doubled in size in 2015 and has continued to manifest growth through partnership, feedback from educators and school districts, and a continued commitment to excellence. Determined to streamline operations, perfect processes, and modernize the traditional classroom experience for every student, Teach to One: Math remains invested in the long-term success of partner schools and aims to transform math education on a national level. 


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