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One the last day of the college, let’s assume there is graduation ceremony. Many students will take up different journeys from now on. Some might have a good placement in a multinational company (MNC), while others might still be figuring out what to do next.

Do not worry if you happen to be in this situation, not knowing what goals to set out for future. After graduating, we move into the phase of becoming independent adults.

Everyone aspires to achieve success after graduation. As we enter into the world of

Professionals, we are given plethora of opportunities.

You surely want to lead a successful life thereafter, but you are not sure where to start.

There are many factors which determine career success. Let’s look the major ones, which you have to consider in, for a long term career growth.

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1) What particular skills have you developed?

Apart from the demanding skills of self-confidence, communication, leadership, teamwork, etc. Organizations would hire you on the basis of your core competencies.

These are the specific skills and knowledge that you get in your college.

Not just basic computer and internet knowledge, but advanced digital skills are also a must.

2) How are you different from others?

This is not just a typical interview question. You need to think for yourself, how can you additionally provide value to an organization, or what sets you apart from your peers.

Companies prefer people with diverse skills apart from just what they are looking for.

3) Your friends

You might have heard the famous quote you are the sum of five people you hang around with

If you hang around with successful or ambitious people who are serious about their career, then you might also get aligned on the track.

On the other hand, if you happen to get along with people who are just showing off, or those who do not have goals in their lives, then they might even distract you from achieving career success.

Choose your friends wisely.

4) Get a job.

Make sure to choose the company and the role that aligns with your aspirations.

It’s not necessary to run after big firms. Even adequate trainings, personality development done in small or medium sized firms can contribute to your overall growth.

4) Networking

How many friends do you have? In case you happen to know many people,

You can increase your network through platforms like LinkedIn or by attending events and meeting professionals with similar interests.

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5) Professional certifications

Several certifications help you to advance your career while widening your knowledge base. Certifications help in career progression, as it can make a difference while applying for jobs. It highlights your resume and you get an edge over others in competition.

Tip: Some of them like Digital Marketing, Big Data Certification, Data Science Certification, Project Management Related Certifications

6) Multiple degrees and post-graduation.

In case you are interested in the courses in more depth, then you can opt for post-graduation course. Also, if you want to change your stream and gain expertise in altogether different domain, then also, you can choose the course of your choice.

Just that getting a post-graduation degree requires investment in terms of time and money, so make sure you make a wise decision.

To experience cultural diversity and worldwide expose, you can also consider getting a foreign degree.

7) Time does not matter.

Success depends upon your idea of success and how do you look at it. Some think that family togetherness and happiness along with decent living is a success, for some getting a foreign degree might be considered as an achievement. Other working professionals might switch to be an entrepreneur or a photographer.

It is solely based on your sense of satisfaction and inner content. One person’s idea of success can be totally different from another.

For instance, if a person is preparing for competitive exam versus his friend working for a multinational company, time might change the position of person.

Yet, in case you are still unsure about which career path to choose, explore job sectors, get trainings and gather knowledge of different areas. Enroll in various online courses and learn from the industry experts, professors and research scholars.

You may also seek internships, volunteering work for a few months to get to know your domain better.


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