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Many people have been using pdf in managing their electronic files. It could be work-related documents or files used in school. Many people from different industries have widely utilized PDF technology because it’s user-friendly and so convenient to use. The technology compressed your files to make it small so that they don’t consume much of your device storage.

Files in pdf format are so light that you can download on your smartphone. These files are also ready for conversions to any format according to how you use them. If you have tons of electronic files and documents, the pdf technology helps you manage them in an organized manner. Also, you can put a password to any file with high importance and confidentiality.

Therefore, pdf technology significantly helps you manage and organize your electronic files. Besides the file organization benefit, it also protects your documents from unauthorized use of unauthorized people. On the other hand, every time you save or convert a particular document to a pdf format, you need to choose a particular standard that depends on its purpose. Read the details below to know the different pdf standards that you may not know.

Basic Standard

PDF is the basic standard that most people use. You can use it for any typical paperwork. You may view the document, edit it, and reproduce it. You can do file sharing to other devices, and process file conversions to other formats. You can convert a pdf file to other raw documents like excel, word, or PowerPoint. You can also process conversion from pdf to jpg or png format.

Professional Standard

PDF/X is another standard of pdf technology. Most computer professionals use this standard for their job in producing different outputs with various uses and purposes. Magazines, flyers, postcards, brochures, infographics, and other business marketing tools are sample outputs of using PDF/X. It’s the common standard used by many people working in any printing industry.

Special Standard

PDF/UA is a standard of pdf technology that is used by people with disabilities. UA stands for Universal Access, which means that it’s a standard with the assistive technology. It’s a technology that guides people who have a problem reading, and have difficulty navigating the pdf document. It’s a special pdf standard with a special purpose that many people have taken advantage of with their file management and organization.

Long-Term Standard

PDF/A is a pdf standard used for storing files and documents for a long time. Most companies have various essential files that need to be kept safely, especially those with high value and confidentiality. If the files with videos, audios, and encryption were stored for too long, the chance is high that technical problems will usually occur in retrieving these files again.

These files tend not to be open and keep showing an error. Hence, the PDF/A standard will help you avoid these scenarios since it’s a standard intended for that purpose.

Engineering Standard

The PDF/E is a standard usually used in producing outputs in the engineering industry. Many civil engineers, architects, electrical engineers, and others have been using this pdf standard countless times. The pdf technology standard can reproduce engineering visuals in large scale format. It may include high-quality images, graphics, and multimedia used for engineering structures and presentations.

Marketing Standard

The PDF/VT is a standard used in different businesses to reproduce various professional prints. Banking institutions use this standard in making financial statements for their clients. It’s also used for generating customized format invoices in dealing with transactions at the grocery stores, shopping malls, and many others.


Many people are using pdf technology in managing and organizing their electronic files and documents. Every time you save or convert a file to a pdf format next time, remember the different pdf standards discussed above so that you’ll select the right one for your file based on its use and purpose.

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