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There are so many benefits of hot tubbing that many people with a little space in their backyard consider getting one for personal use instead of resorting to using the one at the gym or a spa. After all, public hot tubs are less sanitary than one you can care for yourself. If you’ve been browsing the internet and trying to figure out whether the best option is fixed or inflatable hot tubs, this article should help you decide.

What Is An Inflatable Hot Tub?

They are a portable version of a hot tub that can be easily set up without the help of a construction crew. In fact, most hot tub owners set them up by themselves without the need for any expert knowledge or special tools. They are usually made from sturdy material so puncturing them is more difficult than expected.

The Advantages Of Inflatable Hot Tubs

The first advantage is one we’ve already mentioned, that is, the easy setup. Secondly, they usually come at a lower price and thus are more affordable. Because they are easily installed, there is no need to have a large space allocated to them. They can even be stored away when not in use. Many people use their inflatable hot tubs as a small swimming pool, as they are sturdier than a blow-up pool and deeper. Finally, inflatable hot tubs are comfortable because the inflated walls act as cushions, helping you relax more.

The Drawbacks Of Inflatable Hot Tubs

The most obvious drawback of these, despite their many advantages, is that they can’t get as hot as a fixed hot tub. If you’re into super-high temperatures, they may not be suitable for you. Also, they spend more energy because the walls are not thermally insulated – that is, the water needs to be constantly heated up to stay at a fixed temperature. This means higher energy costs in the long run, which is arguably equivalent to the lower price of the initial investment.

The jets of an inflatable hot tub are generally weaker than those of a fixed hot tub. Cushions, lights, and other features are not standard in inflatable hot tubs but are considered an extra investment. Also, even if the inflated walls make them more comfortable, the lack of seats may make it difficult for some people to enjoy an inflatable hot tub.


While inflatable hot tubs are certainly more affordable and easier to set up, they do come with a few drawbacks. Think carefully before getting one because they aren’t a perfect fit for everyone. We still recommend them for summer use, and they are definitely the best choice if you’re on a budget. Just keep in mind that you will not be getting the same experience as that of a fixed hot tub. While they aren’t as durable as a fixed option, they are still sturdy enough to last a long time if properly cared for. Research your options before purchasing, and find the best hot tub to suit your needs.

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