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The beginner's guide to build a brand using social media <![CDATA[The beginner's guide to build a brand using social media]]>

Building a brand identity is important for your business as people identify with that, but building this visual identity is not that easy. It takes time, hard work and patience and the top brands of now has been doing this for long and reaping the benefits now.

But, in this age of the internet, this job has become a little easy. Having a presence on various social media platforms makes establishing a brand identity throughout with your consumers a little easy. But it still needs efforts and time and the right strategy.

The pointers below will help you as they are the Ultimate beginner’s guide to building a brand using social media.


  1. Have a color scheme

Colors have a deep impact on people and since very color depicts something unique like white is for calmness, red for the power; you need to make sure that the color scheme you choose for your brand identity delivers the message intended. The company has some missions and goals, that is revealed to the public through its logo and advertisements which are all part of brand identity thus they need to be well- thought of.

The social media accounts like Instagram and website must follow that color scheme, and should have uniformity with its offline counterparts too.


  1. Be human with your followers

Having a presence on social media to establish one’s brand identity means interacting with your followers who are a layman and doesn’t know the technical terms. so, make sure that you interact with them on a regular base and keep the conversational tone natural and casual. Interaction can be through post uploads, product launch, asking for reviews and complaints.

Also, be prompt with any inquiry and complaints as it makes your business seem more legible and approachable which is a good marketing strategy.

  1. Sneak peek into the craftsmen is good strategy

As a customer to any business, we all love a little sneak-peek and behind the scenes of our favorite brand. We love to watch how the employees work and rejuvenate themselves between works. What goes behind the making of a large product and how it is made, also, if it is a makeup brand we love to watch the model get ready for the portfolio shoot, is something we all want to watch. The bloopers, fun and hard work done by you and your employees should be uploaded on social media as it makes you more human and relatable to your consumers.

  1. Have a schedule for posting blogs/photos

Social media presence doesn’t end with websites or social account; it also includes blogs that inform the consumers about your products or are relevant to them. All businesses have a website and blogs, but they don’t have a uniform time for posting the content. For better visibility, you need to make sure that the content you post is good and relevant, and that you are posting at a time when you are followers are active (Google can help you with that). Also, don’t post frequently like 10 times a day as it will seem clingy. The same goes for photo or status updates about products on Instagram or Facebook.

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  1. An effective logo is crucial

A logo is the crucial part of your brand/visual identity as people identify with it; they remember your company through your logo and thus needs to be put on every social media post. So make sure you invest good time coming up with a good logo which not only has a lasting impression on the minds of your consumer but also delivers the goals/message/mission that your business stands for.

Make a logo such that it shows what your business stands for but also is simple. Making it overly complex will do you no good. The colors used should be from within your color palette, and not more than 2 colors should be used. If you are designing it yourself, you can use the Canva logo maker tool.


  1. Be uniform and have a presence on every platform

Firstly, don’t just make a profile on Instagram or Facebook, every social media is important, and it’s imperative to a presence on every platform like LinkedIn or Pinterest. This is crucial as users are divided across these platforms, active on some more than others.

Also, be uniform across all the platforms and I am not just talking about colors. The post and uploads related to any products should be same throughout consistent with timing.

Social media is a cost friendly and effective tool to reach out to your consumers and build a good relationship with them. So make sure that you use this friendly tool to be in touch with your clients and the above tips will help you with the same.




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