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There is a new trend among restaurants and home gardeners alike who care about tasty and nutritious additions to their diet. Microgreen growing has peeked the interest of thousands of individuals who are looking for a tiny way to make a big impact on their diet. Starting as a fad in fancy restaurants, those who are health conscious have created new products that allow individuals to grow these greens right from the comfort of their own homes. As the trend keeps spreading, kits that grow these delicious sprouts have become more popular among friends and family members.

What Are Microgreens

We all know the nutritional benefits of adding fresh vegetables to our diets. However, microgreens pack a big punch for their small size. They are seedlings, that sprout to just a couple of inches, and and can come from herbs, vegetables and other plant varieties. They usually only have one or two sets of leaves, and they are quite easy to grow. Many times, most people can get several harvests off of one batch of seeds. They can be used in salads, as side dishes and can be even placed as a decorate and tasty addition to many entrees.

Are Microgreens Healthy

Microgreens are incredibly nutritious. As a plant begins to mature, it has most of the nutrients present in the early stages of its life. As a plant continues to grow, it will lose a vast amount of the benefits that has compared to when it was a young seedling, and when you cook it, it will lose even more. So, by harvesting microgreens, you get a variety of nutrients you may have lost throughout the growing and cooking process, such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and a variety of antioxidants. A microgreens starter kit may include any one of the following, which tend to be the trendiest and most nutritious: kale, arugula, rash, broccoli and peas.

Where Can You Get Microgreens

You can purchase microgreens at most major grocery chains, and they are also available to order at many trendy restaurants. However, you will pay a hefty price per pound. A microgreens starter kit, which will produce five-fold of what you will pay per pound, is relatively inexpensive and yet easy to grow. When purchasing microgreens, you want to be sure you choose an organic variety.

Can You Grow Microgreens

Yes! Microgreens are incredibly easy to grow. All it takes is a tray, organic soil, light, and microgreen seeds. The can grow both indoors and outdoors, especially during the warmer months. They do not require a lot of soil, and they take just a couple of weeks to grow to their optimal height. They can be cut several times once they reach a few inches tall and can be harvested once the green leaves show up. Some varietals will pop up several times. Once you have depleted the seed, you can compost the soil and start again, repeating the process.

Sharing the Microgreen Goodness

If you are looking for an unusual gardening gift for a friend or family member, microgreens are the perfect choice. First, they are easy to grow. Unlike fresh cut flowers, they will flourish, not die, over time. Second, they are great for those who are seeking a healthy, organic present for people of all ages and interests. Finally, microgreens are great for those who love gardening, cooking or who are looking to make a little extra income. A starter kit is inexpensive, but there are kits available that are incredibly high class that regulate humidity and temperature. A starter kit is a great way to get someone interested in harvesting a healthier lifestyle.

There are so many benefits to begin growing microgreens. Not only are they healthy and tasty, it is a fun hobby that doesn’t take much time investment. If you are looking for a small side business, you can begin growing and selling these delicacies. Although it may seem like an unusual gardening gift, those who are interested on hopping on the bandwagon will be grateful for the fruitful thought. Regardless if you are a beginning who is new to the concept of microgreens, or you have been growing these little delights for some time, purchasing a quality microgreen starter kit can really kick off healthier goals for the upcoming year.


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