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Truck Transport BusinessTruck Transport Business

If you have worked as an employee for a company your whole life, then you must be tired of the routine of working a nine to five job. If this is so, then why not change careers. If you like to drive long distances, you may consider purchasing your semi-truck through truck finance loans and becoming an owner-operator of a transport business.

Truck transports are an integral part of a country’s economy because they ensure that products make their way from the manufacturers to the sellers. Most of the products you see on display in your favourite malls or supermarkets came from the back of a truck at some point in their product life. If you want to start a trucking transport business, you will not run out of business since many companies depend on trucks to deliver their products on time. Here are some of the benefits of becoming a truck owner-operator.Flatbed trucking company refers to the transportation of oversized cargo. This includes any cargo that doesn’t fit within an enclosed trailer.

Your Own Business. First and foremost, you will have a business that means that everything you work on is for your sake and not your employers. If you put in a hundred per cent of yourself, then your efforts will go to you and your family’s benefit. You can decide whether you want to expand your business and increase the number of trucks or manage a single truck operation. There are truck finance companies that will lend you money to increase your fleet of transport trucks as long as you show them that your company is profitable. You are the boss, and you will know what’s best for your company.

You Control Your Schedule. You may easily balance your work and family life if you own a trucking company. If you are an independent transport contractor, you can choose the schedules and routes that you like. Some companies will pay you for the total kilometres driven independent of whether you are carrying cargo or not.

You Control Your Fuel Usage. Company truck drivers do not care about consuming fuel when driving since the company pays for fuel. However, if you own your truck, you can save on fuel costs by driving efficiently. If the company that hires you to pay for fuel surcharges, you can get more profit using fuel efficiently.

You Get Your Truck. Company truck drivers will be assigned trucks that are available for a specific route. These drivers do not get the luxury of choosing the most comfortable truck in the fleet. On the other hand, when you choose to start a trucking business, you can purchase the most comfortable truck you can afford. Remember that your truck will be your home when you are on the road. Certain routes may require you to drive for days; hence you will need all the comfort you can get.

You Get Great Rates. Truck drivers earn a great living with entry-level positions earning $53K per year up to $86K per year depending on experience. If you are a truck owner-operator, you will earn 5 to 10 % more than company drivers. Likewise, because you control your schedule and fuel costs, you can maximise your profit by working more hours than company drivers who are usually governed by a regular shift schedule.

If you are now convinced to own and start a transport business, many companies will work with you to get a truck finance loan approved.

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