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You got your hands on the newest iPhone, and now you are all excited and ready to enjoy it. Yes, it is all amazing to have it in your hands. However, once you unpack it, its excitement may wear off soon, as you start to use it day after day. And after a couple of months, you simply have a phone in your hands. 

If new things excite you or you want to improve your iPhone game, you should start to look into accessories. The right ones not only add that unique touch to your phone, but they also can take your iPhone game to the next level.

Here we will introduce 5 accessories that you should get for your new iPhone or one you would like to feel brand new again!

Apple AirTags

Something you might want to look into if you tend to lose your items. It is that perfect addition to your phone, as you now can simply pair AirTag with things you attach it to, and your phone will let you know where they are. Now you can play Marco Polo, but the missing keys or your bag will always respond to you. So you will no longer run around your house trying to find those keys that somehow grew legs overnight.

A Protective Burga Phone Case

The easiest way to refresh the look of your iPhone is by getting a new phone case. You should always get a phone case, as the phone tends to scratch easily if you use it daily, and we can guarantee you do. Getting a stylish protective phone case not only keeps it safe if you drop it, but it will also become your best accessory as you hold your phone in your hand for most of the day. Therefore, get yourself a designer quality phone case to match your style, and as Burga has over 100+ design options for protective phone cases, your phone will always look perfect and brand new each time you put one on it. 

HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

Getting an addition that will make your phone into an instant camera is just what you might need for your holidays. With the portable photo printer, you will not only be able to print as many pictures, but you will always be sure about the way they look, and that is something those instant cameras cannot provide. With this printer, you will easily avoid blurry pictures or ones where someone has closed their eyes. Also – you can print multiple copies of one photo, so share the memories with all your friends and fill up your adventure book.

Nomad Kevlar Lightning Cable

Your phone comes with a charging cable. However, let’s be honest, those cables are not built to last, and neither are they long enough for you to relax on your bed with your iPhone plugged in if your outlet is a bit further away.  Also, even if your cable still works after some wear and tear, it does not look that aesthetically pleasing with those wires exposed. So, get yourself a Nomad Kevlar cable reinforced with a double-braided outer sheath and metal alloy connector housings. This cable is built to last and to endure all that bending when you pack it with yourself. With the 3 meters cable, you will be able to charge your phone from across the room – so you will never be short of those few centimeters.

Pop sockets, ring holders

iPhones do not get smaller every time a new one comes out, and your phone needs that additional help for keeping it in your hands. You surely do not want to drop it, and having a ring holder or a pop socket is precisely what you should do. It not only helps to keep your phone in your hands, but it will also work amazingly as a stand when you want to lay your phone on the table while watching some Netflix or videos from YouTube. Also, your selfie game will be improved when you do not need to worry about your finger placement.

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