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If you are constantly on set, you worry about carrying around expensive equipment, and you want to make sure that you and your expensive gear are protected, then looking into camera insurance is your best bet. Especially a professional who is making their living off of using their camera for a photo shoot, video recording, and other promotional ideas, you need to keep your gear protected and safe in case something happens. But why should you purchase camera insurance?


There are many reasons why camera insurance is essential to your livelihood! If you do not have insurance and something happens to your camera, you are liable and have to pay for the damages. This means that not only will you probably end up spending thousands of dollars on your equipment, but you will have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs as well!


Avoid costly repairs and other concerns about the lifespan of your equipment by purchasing camera insurance. This way, you can avoid accidents, mishandling, and theft from hurting your business. Let’s talk about what camera insurance is, why you should purchase it, the benefits of this insurance, and specific things to look for in camera insurance. You can also see more about camera insurance at Athos Insurance.


Camera insurance – everything you need to know


First thing’s first, what is camera insurance? Before you can decide what type of insurance to purchase or why you need it, you need to know what camera insurance is. Just like anything else that can be insured – such as your sports equipment, your car, your house, or your own healthcare – you need to insure your camera.


For example, if you have auto insurance, this means you are covered in the event of a crash – whether it is your fault or someone else’s. The same goes for your camera – purchasing camera insurance means that you are covered for any damage to your camera if something happens to your gear. This way, if someone drops your camera while they are holding it, the camera is damaged on the job, or someone steals your camera, you are covered!


Camera insurance is basically a type of protection plan that allows the owner and the gear to be covered in case something happens to your camera. You can choose what type of camera that you want to be insured, whether it is a DSLR camera or a camcorder, and ensure whatever happens to your gear is fixed and you are reimbursed.


If you are using a camera and you find the lens is no longer working, you can use your camera insurance to have it repaired. If you are using your camera on set and someone drops the camera, you can use your camera insurance to protect the electrical or mechanical parts that have been damaged. Avoid derailing your entire photoshoot or project because someone dropped your camera equipment!


Price of camera insurance


To get an idea of how much you might spend on camera insurance, keep the following prices in mind. This way you can set aside money and budget for how much you might spend on your insurance package. Compare various prices of packages to see which one works for you and which one works best for our specific type of gear.


The cheapest kind of camera insurance that you can usually purchase is typically for a GoPro or action camera – this type of camera is usually used for sporting events and active endeavors. This type of camera insurance usually costs between $100 and $110. The next type of insurance that you can purchase would be for a DSLR camera, such as a Canon EOS camera. This type of insurance is usually around $120-$130. The last type of camera insurance you can purchase is for a higher-end camera, such as the Canon EOS 1300D camera – this will cost you around $140-$150!


Camera insurance stipulations


The next aspect you need to take into consideration before you purchase camera insurance is seeing what the plan covers. There is no point in purchasing camera insurance that does not cover theft or accidents – make sure you read the fine print before buying a plan to ensure it covers the basics! All of the best camera insurance deals usually cover the following when it comes to safeguarding your equipment:


  • Camera accidents, such as broken electrical or mechanical parts that will make the camera unusable or the quality suffer (ex: broken lens, water damage, broken shutter, etc)


  • Electrical breakdown (camera screen not working)


  • Stolen camera


  • Lost camera


  • Camcorder equipment – if you are trying to find the best camera insurance for your gear, then make sure you add protection to camcorder equipment. However, ensure that you read the details of the plan, as this can sometimes be more money than the basic package. You might need to purchase a cover of your accessories to safeguard your camcorder equipment.


Travel camera insurance


Another type of characteristic that you should check when it comes to purchasing camera insurance is making sure you have coverage when you travel. If you are working as a photographer for a photo shoot or you are bringing your expensive camera and equipment on a trip, you need to make sure you are covered for any damage that has happened to your gear while you are traveling or out of the country.


Usually, you will find that most policies of camera insurance cover any damage or theft of your camera. Instead of worrying if you will be covered during trips, you can rest assured that your camera insurance will protect your camera and your gear while you are traveling – read the details and the fine print to make sure you can be covered for the entire duration of your trip!


Even though you will be covered during your trip, you still need to make sure that you are careful with your gear. This means carrying your camera in a protective case, ensuring that all of your gear is safely stored away, and securing your gear when it’s not in use. Practicing safety precautions when it comes to your expensive gear is key to avoiding any lost gear or stolen cameras.


What is not covered by camera insurance?


If you’re purchasing camera insurance for your equipment, then you need to consider what may not be covered under the insurance plan. By knowing what may or may not be covered, you can keep in mind what you may need to add to your plan to safeguard your camera and protect against any accidental damage or theft.


  • Commercial use cameras – if you’re only using your cameras for bringing on your own trip and with no professional purposes, this typically does not fall under the scope of camera insurance. In this case, you will need to take out another kind of insurance policy that will cover this equipment.


  • Damage to a camera that is not the consequence of long-term use or aging


  • Intentional damage to the camera – this can easily be seen by camera repairmen and tech experts who believe that damage has been intently done to the camera to obtain a new piece of equipment.


  • Accessories and equipment repair that is not included in the manufacturer-approved warranty


  • Defects or recall of the camera that you are using – if you purchase a specific type of camera and it is later recalled, this is through no fault of the insurance company and does not fall under the plan’s policy


  • Cosmetic damage that does not affect the quality of the camera – if the screen is slightly scratched but it doesn’t affect the quality of the photos or video, it will not be covered under camera insurance


Should I purchase camera insurance?


The last thing that you should consider before purchasing camera insurance is do you need to get it? By asking yourself if you should purchase camera insurance, you can see if the money is worth it – usually, the answer is yes! By purchasing this type of insurance, you can pay a small fee to safeguard yourself against thousands of dollars in the long run on stolen equipment.


  • There is a risk of someone stealing your camera – if you work on set where there are other people or you frequently travel, consider purchasing camera insurance


  • You photograph in tough situations in which you can hurt your camera


  • You have an expensive camera that would cost you thousands of dollars to replace


  • You need a replacement soon if something happened to your equipment – if you run a business or you are on a shoot, buying camera insurance ensure that you can continue doing your job




Purchasing camera insurance is the best way that you can stay protected in case of an accident happening. By purchasing this type of insurance, you can safeguard yourself and your gear against theft, damage, or accidents! Find out if you need camera insurance for your job to protect yourself and see if the price is worth it – typically, the minimal fee that you need to pay for your gear is worth saving thousands of dollars in the long run! Purchase camera insurance to help protect against accidents, damage, theft, and other age-related camera concerns!

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