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When you travel to big cities, you must have sometimes wished you had the option to visit the nearby tourist sites, but you didn’t have enough time for it. This happens wherever you travel, and we’ve chosen London as today’s favourite location. London is known for many beautiful places in the city itself, and often tourists do not have enough time to explore the surrounding area.

But if you can choose a long-distance private chauffeur, you can organize daily visits to some of the most famous surrounding sites without wasting much time on travel. But the question is, which places to visit? What can you see in the surroundings of London that will leave a fantastic impression on you?

We have prepared several interesting suggestions for you:

1. Windsor Castle

This is a royal residence located in the town of Windsor, near London. According to historical records, this property has belonged to the British royal family for centuries. It is one of the palaces that always have residents who use it as a residence, not only in Britain but all over the world.

Windsor is not far from London at all, so you can consider your trip as part of your planned private London tours. Windsor Castle will amaze you with the beautiful park in the surroundings, which is full of interesting types of trees. The River Thames is nearby, making this UK part even more picturesque and worth seeing.

2. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire, which is also not that far from London. You’ve probably seen at least a photo or video footage of it. This historic site continues to amaze visitors to this day, and it’s actually really easy to visit if you’re already in London. During the trip, you can read some of the most exciting legends related to this place. Stonehenge is indeed a symbol of ancient Britishancient British history, but also of neopaganism.

There are reports that even today, certain groups practice ritualistic practices around Stonehenge, so you may encounter something similar during your visit.

3. The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is a picturesque countryside area located in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. Once you visit this beautiful place, you will always want to come back. The reason is that you will never find the same landscape twice because the colours of nature are always unique. We’re sure you’ll have something to tell your friends when you get home.

It is a really picturesque place, which is easily accessible if you use private tours London companies for efficient travel. And believe me, this nature deserves to dedicate even a larger part of your free day to enjoy it.

4. Brighton

Brighton is a seaside town in England. It’s just about an hour’s train ride from London, offering great historical monuments and restaurants with delicious local food. It’s also known for its nightlife, which makes it perfect for people who want to have a lot of fun while travelling.

Brighton was a favourite place of King George IV, who was actually related to the late Queen Elizabeth II. It is located in Sussex, which once again shows the original connection with the royal family. But we have to say it’s one of the best party spots on the island, so don’t miss it.

5. Oxford

Oxford is a prime university city where you can travel by car and train. It’s easy because it’s only 90 km from London, which means you won’t have to travel far, and you’ll still feel the authentic historical atmosphere of this beautiful city.

You can even book accommodation and stay overnight because Oxford has an authentic charm that you will like at different times of the day.

6. Leeds Castle

This castle looks like it came out of a book full of the most beautiful fairy tales in the world. There are historical records that it was a favourite of King Edward I, and Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s first wife, later lived there. In the castle, there is even a kind of labyrinth, which makes this place even more fairy-tale and authentic, an oasis for all those who like to visit castles all the time.


London is a beautiful city, but its surroundings are perhaps even more attractive. Nature lovers always choose private tours so that they can explore what is happening nearby. In fact, more and more people decide to spend as much time as possible in smaller towns and villages in order to feel a different authenticity of the surroundings.

Fortunately, all the places we have mentioned are easily accessible by any form of transport, and the best thing is that you can travel by car. And, of course, they’re all close enough to London that you can maximize your time savings and be practical with your planning.

Is there anything better than that?



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