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When most people think of breast augmentation surgery they think of having silicon or saline implants inserted into their breasts via a small incision. This is a very common option but it’s not the only way. If you would like both a larger bust and also problem areas of fat elsewhere on your body then natural breast augmentation may be a great option.

What Is Natural Breast Augmentation

In this procedure fat is harvested from another part of your body via liposuction, such as your abdomen, thighs or back. The fat is then purified and prepared before being injected into your breasts. As the only thing being used is your own fat this considered as a way of naturally increasing your breast size.

Are There Benefits of Natural Augmentation vs Implants?

Yes there are. Here are some of them:

  • No scarring. To insert the implants a small incision must be made in each breast and will leave small scars. Because the fat is injected during a fat-based augmentation there will be no scars afterwards.
  • No foreign objects are inserted into your body. Some people worry about implants leaking and causing health issues. In this case it’s your own fat so there’s nothing added that shouldn’t be there. This can also reduce the risk of post operative infections.
  • Your breasts will continue to feel natural and look as they did before, just a bit larger. The breasts are largely made up of fat so they will feel very much as they did before the surgery.
  • As well as larger breasts you will become slimmer wherever the fat is removed from. You could have a smaller waist or thighs or a more streamlined silhouette. These things combined will boost your self-esteem and leave you feeling great.

Are there any drawbacks vs implants?

Not many but some. Here are the main ones:

  • The skin can only stretch so far when the fat is being injected. This means that with this procedure your breast will normally only increase by one cup size. If you feel like you want an increase of two or more sizes you should consider implants.
  • To be a candidate for a natural augmentation you need to have fat that can be extracted, if you are naturally very slim or athletic then the doctor may not feel you have enough fat for the procedure to be a success.
  • The surgery will take longer. For a natural augmentation the fat but first be extracted, then purified and finally inserted. This can take around 2 hours. By contrast an implant surgery is normally complete in around 45 minutes.

Are there any risks?

This may be a routine surgery but it is still a surgery. It will performed under general anesthesia and this always carries a risk. There is also a risk of complications and infections following the surgery. To assess your personal risks you should have a consultation with your surgeon to discuss your overall health and any concerns.

It may be determined surgery is not safe for you or you may need to make lifestyle changes before the surgery can go ahead. One the procedure is complete you should follow all advice given to you by your surgeon.

How Long Will Recovery Take?

On average you’ll be out of hospital the same day and up and about in a couple of days after that. You will need to be absent from work for 1-2 weeks, however. You will also be unable to drive for the first couple of weeks. Full healing and recovery will take between 4-6 weeks.


These are the basic facts about natural breast augmentation but before considering any medical procedure you should consult with a trained medical professional for advice tailored to you.

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