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Herpes is a prevalent viral disease—a broad population suffers from it at some stages of life. There are two subtypes of the Herpes virus. Herpes simplex 1 and 2 are the main culprit in this disease. The patient usually shows up to the OPD with a red rash, pain, and itching near the mouth, genital areas, and anus. Only the Herpes simplex one can cause oral Herpes. But in the case of genital Herpes, both type one and type two are responsible. There is another uncommon type of Herpes named shingles. Sometimes the viruses of Herpes can get inside the nerve ganglions and reside there for years. Under specific stimulation, they show a growth spurt and cause the signs and symptoms of Herpes along the nerve pathway. The most distinctive feature of shingles is the pain and rashes appear unilaterally (only one side of the body), with it the patient shows a high-grade fever, and other symptoms of Herpes. As a viral disease, there is not much protective treatment for this disease. There are some drugs, though but they have high toxicity chances and are very expensive. So, even doctors suggest taking rest and some effective home remedies that work as the Herpes eraser. Here in this article, we will get to know about tips to fight Herpes.

Herpes Erasers

Hot or cold compresses are great in Herpes infection. Hot presses are useful to reduce the pain. But, the mean compression is more effective. It reduces itchiness and prevents the spread of disease by vasoconstriction. Also making a cold compression bag is more comfortable at home. You have to wrap a hand towel or cloth around the ice pack, and you’re good to use it. Never directly apply ice on the face. Washing the area with salty water will help to prevent any contamination. As the secondary bacterial or parasitic infection always makes the situation worse.

Honey is known for its nutritive and natural healing powers. It helps to reduce herpes infections. A trusted study shows that oral Herpes requires an eight-day regimen of the anti-viral drug to heal completely. Honey takes the same time and heals without any chance of tolerance and toxicity.

The Allicin in the garlic works excellent to prevent the replication of the herpes simplex virus. You can use fresh garlic cloves, supplements, or add them to the curry. It will increase taste and help you to heal at the same time. Intake of amino acid, zinc, adenosine mono phosphate-rich diet is excellent for Herpes patients. Study says that one gram of lysine every day combined with a low arginine diet can reduce the signs of Herpes within a week.

Essential oils are known for ages for their medicinal value. Pure coconut oil, eucalyptus oil, extracts from Zataria multiflora, rosemary, hinoki cypress, and Tripterygium hypoglaucum oils are beneficial to prevent Herpes.


Oral Herpes usually resolves within a week or two without any treatment. But genital herpeses are nasty. They can proceed to genital warts and cancer. So, you have to take care of the matter immediately after seeing any rash or such around the mons, clitoris, and anus. Genital Herpes can spread through sexual contact as an STD. It would help if you were careful during mating and always use condoms or other barrier methods to prevent the spread to your partner. Taking the indiscriminate amount of antibiotic won’t do any help here as it is a viral disease. So, before taking any antibiotic, Medicine, or supplement then kindly contact your GP because the essential oils and food supplements can cause hyperdensity or other malicious reactions.

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