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Unfortunately, premature ejaculation doesn’t only affect men because they can also have a huge impact on your partner and relationship. Understandably, men can usually be frustrated by this experience and it can be demasculinizing. Even worse, men may see their problems as a symbol of manliness and fertility and they may fail to achieve their desires on demand. 

Also, the external pressures, such as people writing in the media about their better sexual intercourse experiences. No wonder, premature ejaculation can affect relationships. You see, many men avoid establishing new relationships once they realize that they have premature ejaculation issues. 

If they are already in a relationship, they may avoid having sexual intercourse with their partners for fear of disappointing them. Aside from this, men with premature ejaculation have anxiety problems when it comes to having sexual intercourse. 

Treating premature ejaculation

Now, premature ejaculation should not be that intimidating as you think because it can be treatable. You need to see your doctor get treatment for your condition.

The doctor may ask about your sex life, health history, and might do a physical test. If you experience problems getting or maintaining an erection and have premature ejaculation, your doctor may ask for blood tests to check the levels of your hormones. 

There are various common treatment options that you can use to deal with premature ejaculation, such as medications, behavioral techniques, and topical anesthetics. Combining drug therapy and behavioral treatment can sometimes be the most effective way to treat your condition. 

Behavioral techniques to treat premature ejaculation can sometimes involve using techniques like masturbating for an hour or two before you have sexual intercourse. In this way, you can delay ejaculation during sexual activity. Your doctor may also ask you to avoid sexual intercourse for a specific time and focus on other forms of sexual play to remove pressure from your sexual activities.

You can also use medications such as topical anesthetics which can come in sprays or cream form. These have a numbing agent like lidocaine and benzocaine that can treat premature ejaculation. Here is the deal, you need to apply them about 10 to 15 minutes before a sexual encounter to delay ejaculation and reduce sensation.

Even better, you can use oral medications, though most of the drugs require a prescription from your doctor. Some of the drugs you can come across include analgesics and antidepressants. These drugs may be prescribed for daily use or on-demand and may be prescribed in combination with other treatment options or alone.

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