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Japan may not be as friendly as other developed countries in gambling arrangements. For information, most forms of gambling in Japan are prohibited by KUHP article 23; [1] but there are some exceptions, for example on betting on horse and motorbike races. Lotteries and toto are organized under special laws. The aim is to increase revenue for the central government and provide more entertainment for the public. To note, Japanese society is a hardworking society, therefore they need an entertainment that they can enjoy at any time, a situation that has encouraged the growth of online casinos in recent years.

There have been three legal licenses for operating a casino resort since 2018, usually located in Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. In early 2020, a Casino Administration Committee has been formed in Japan with the aim of overseeing the operation of casino resorts in Japan.

The culture of gambling in Japan, apart from the various restrictive regulations imposed by the government, actually has long roots. Especially in types of sports such as horse racing, motor racing, motor boat racing and bicycle racing. They generally comply with regulations made based on an agreement between the central government and local governments. Bet tickets can usually be obtained at counters in big cities.

Japanese gambling culture and the curbing rules for conventional casinos are two factors driving the rapid growth of online casinos in Japan in recent years. There are thousands of new bettors every day and this fact forces the Japanese government to make related regulations, in order to increase the fixed income for the government. One thing that is unique is that recently it seems that most of the stakeholders in the Sakura country are working together to promote Japanese online casino guide

Massive online casino promotion is inseparable from the role of Venus Point, an online payment system, to develop this industry to a higher level. Venus Point ensures customers can transact using a point system, making it easy to deposit and withdraw, even without the aid of a credit card. More and more online casinos are accepting payments with Venus Points, expanding the Japanese online casino industry at a faster pace.

Safety in online gambling is everything, so it is in Japan. There are several common features that Japanese online casinos adopt and have become a standard of safety in the country.

– RNG – Random Number Generator

This is the ultimate safety assurance tool to ensure all forms of betting are carried out fairly, for all parties. The RNG software ensures that every spin of the slot machine or shuffling of the deck of cards occurs without any third party engineering, in this case the casino manager.

– Licensing and Regulatory Agency

Japan’s top casinos usually have licenses from well-known licensing bodies such as the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, etc. These licenses mean recognition that has passed rigorous testing.

– Independent Gaming Audit

An independent gaming audit ensures any software used is engineering-free.

– Browser security

This is related to advanced digital encryption that ensures all online transactions are safe from the risk of being hacked.

– Privacy and policy

Even though it seems insignificant, privacy and policy are official indicators that show how a casino works. The  online casino for beginners  is also an important indicator.Conclusion

The Japanese online casino industry is growing day by day. This is inseparable from the cooperation between the government to relax certain rules and the awareness of casino managers to follow global online casino standards.


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