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Can you blame yourself for enjoying a delicious cookie at the end of a day? You deserve it but unfortunately, self-love can make you swell up at times – in the wrong places. This is why we must stick to a healthy diet.

Many people do not know how to cook and restaurants have many unhealthy options. Even healthier foods have hidden calories! To get rid of these incognito monstrosities, it is best to open up a restaurant ourselves in such cooking games like Cooking Crush! When we are aware of the ingredients we put in the dish, we can maintain the quality.

Dear Future Chef

  • In this cooking madness, you will have to cook for in-game customers. If you do not know how to cook, then do not cower with fear or hide with shame, as Cooking Crush is here to save the day! This kitchen game has been published by Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. Flowmotion has been running and providing interesting games since 2014.
  • Cooking Crush is specifically designed to help you digest different kinds of recipes in a step-by-step manner. In this way, you can recreate them both in-game and in real life with ease.

All About That Vase

Cooking Crush is a cooking city game but it allows the player to unleash their inner designer. You get to run a restaurant in the game and how the restaurant looks is up to you! You can decorate it with all sorts of planters and countertop items. In addition, you can change the seats for the customers too! Isn’t that rad?

Just Got Paid

  • Earn money as you work under heat! Every meal you serve will earn you gold coins.
  • Customers come and go but they will surely leave tips when they are happy and satisfied with their order.
  • Making combo meals will get you extra coins so buckle up and tighten that apron!

Chef Up!

  • It is also important that you synchronize your dishes. That is to say that your toast should arrive when your coffee is ready. You do not want your customers to go through the pain of pushing dry toast down their throats without the help of coffee!

Better When I’m Cooking

  • You are the master chef and your restaurant needs to be at the top of the game. Customer service and great food – those are the chief demands. To keep it 5-starred, you have to make sure you are giving it your level best. Delicious food can win the hearts of even cold enemies but in your restaurant, you will receive the friendliest of faces. Perchance a customer is in a bad mood, you can always treat them with a complimentary candy item with their meal to win their heart.
  • Cooking Crush will also teach you to take risks and estimate potential results. It will be your choice who you serve first. Sure, time has a lot to do with prioritizing whose food you start preparing first but that is still up to you!

The Best Part

  • Aside from learning and enjoying, you can make a better living experience for other people by playing Cooking Crush as well! Did you know that co-founders of Flowmotion Entertainment Inc., Ryan Yada and Dario Pavan, have been quietly donating some of the revenue from their dozens of games to a Canadian charity for kids, Backpack Buddies.
  • When you download and play their games, you are playing your part in supporting Backpack Buddies.
  • With the help of Backpack Buddies, thousands of hungry and malnourished children around the world can be fed. So far, about 450,00 meals have been provided as a direct result of contributions from Flowmotion!

Do I need internet access to play this game?

While the game can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store, the game itself can be played without the internet.

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