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French Provincial Kitchen

Modern kitchens in Australia are a hub for cooking and eating, working, socialising, learning, and creativity. Therefore, having a beautiful and functional design is essential in striking a balance. A report by Blue Space shows that 40 per cent of Australians tackle interior renovations every year. With people spending more time in their homes and using social media to experiment with food and design, there has been a surge in requests for kitchen upgrades and redesigns. These include country, coastal, contemporary, Hamptons, modern, colonial and industrial styles. The French Provincial Kitchen style is one such design that is the most popular among Australian residents.

The Characteristics of a French Style Kitchen

A French Provincial Kitchen falls under a traditional or country-style kitchen. It has its roots in the centuries-old chateaus of Europe, especially France. Their designs are beautiful and highly detailed, drawing from traditional French architecture. They celebrate the craftsmanship and optimum functioning of a kitchen with their style. The materials used for this kitchen include simple, natural and durable materials available even centuries ago. An advantage of French design is its flexibility.

The most endearing aspect of a French kitchen is its soul and warmth. It is filled with beautiful furniture, accessories, floral elements and pastel colours. They have cabinets and benchtops made of natural materials, natural floors, classic tapware and dramatic elements. Homeowners can adapt the aspects of a French kitchen in varying measures based on their own needs and the scale of their homes. They can modify the details based on their individual preference, complementing the home interiors and style.

Mantle Forms the Focal Point

One of the most important features of a French chateau kitchen was a hearth where the cooking was taking place. It was large enough to fit enormous utensils and accessories to cook enough food to feed the entire family or noble guests visiting a party at the residence. While hearths are no longer in use in most kitchens, inspired French Provincial Kitchen in modern homes can provide homage by having a large mantle with a stove and cooking area. These mantles also have hidden but accessible hoods and storage compartments to neatly store oils and spices without affecting the kitchen aesthetics.

Mouldings and Decorative Carvings

Displaying and celebrating the artistry of architects has an important place in the French chateaus. Following this practice, French provincial kitchens showcase a similar display of artistry through decorative profiles, mouldings and carvings in their design. Mouldings can be seen as corbels and cravings as reeding on the walls, doors, pillars and cabinets. Edges of benchtops and doors have carvings and mouldings with grooves that add elegance, intrigue and creativity. A complementing profile reflects throughout the kitchen tying the whole look together. These aspects create a sense of warmth and timelessness in the kitchen.

Natural Colour Palette

French kitchens have a distinguishing quality of showcasing natural colours drawing inspiration from stone, slate, timber, weathered cane and flowers. From thick greys and creams, and subtle browns and greens to bright purple and white, the kitchens have all-natural colours that reflect good light into the space. These kitchens complement the decorative items, tiles and interior designs of the home. Purple is a characteristic colour associated with the French provincial style and gives the kitchen an elegant look, especially when combined with white. One can complement white with pastel colours like delicate lavender in their kitchen accessories, furniture, cabinet, flowers and towels. They must ensure that they do not use too many colour combinations or vivid shades as it could be chaotic.

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