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What Time Does the Forex Market Open in South Africa

For investors and traders, foreign exchange trading is one of the most popular options. Despite the economic uncertainty caused by the pandemic, social trading can help FX traders reduce risks and increase profits by providing the most up-to-date forex market sentiment, techniques of the most successful traders, and making traders more rational through a transparency mechanism.

By far, the greatest trade market on the planet is the foreign exchange market. Major currency pairs, such as the euro against the dollar, the dollar against the yen, and others, account for more than 85 percent of all foreign exchange transactions. According to a survey conducted by Refinitiv, the greatest hurdles their customers face as a result of COVD-19 are the widening of spreads, particularly in hedge funds and banks, and a liquidity crunch, which was a significant issue for banks in Q1, increasing the risks and sophistication of forex trading.

As volatility rises, so does the level of uncertainty. Many traders, such as social traders, take advantage of auto-execution features for orders by utilizing various social-trading forex companies to combine available relationship pricing, emulate the best trading methods, and discover that elusive ‘best price’ to limit risks and increase revenues.

Social trading is a prominent trend in retail Forex trading that has exploded in popularity in recent years. It allows online Forex traders to gather knowledge, replicate trading methods from other retail traders, and then use their combined experience and knowledge to trade in their accounts.

Social Trading provides latest Market Sentiments

Information is an unavoidable by-product of socioeconomic development that leads to financial activity such as Forex trading. Traders followed prominent traders through newsletters and other means in the early days. This is the very first kind of social trading. With the rise of computers and social media, transactions are becoming more digital, and community-based traders are turning to social trading platforms for information sharing. These platforms work similarly to other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, where people can communicate with others continuously from wherever they are.

Trading forex is similar to trading other financial assets. FX traders attempt to forecast whether the price of a currency pair will rise or fall before deciding whether to purchase or sell. The ability to enter the transaction is critical; thus, it’s vital to stay on top of the market mood by eyeing official economic figures like growth and inflation. These, on the other hand, are only provided after a long period. As a result, unofficial poll results are more predictive.

A well-informed social trading desk with community features attracts a vast number of trading elites, which is vital in determining the sentiment of the Forex market. It aids traders in comprehending and acting on price behaviour. Having a better understanding of market expectations can add depth to a trader’s view of forex and other markets, aiding in the process of identifying traders’ positions, whether net long or net short, in order to affect their own investment choices in the currency market. Contrarian investors will watch crowds to buy or sell a particular currency pair, then take a stake in the opposite direction of sentiment.

You can look into the Forex market using the social trading platform. Specialists will examine important currency pairs, like the euro versus the dollar, the dollar versus the yen, and so on. It is critical to pay attention to impending economic data, which impacts margins and liquidity, and traders should avoid trading before the release of crucial economic data. Social trading platforms can occasionally provide data such as first-hand information, “black swan” events, or other important news more swiftly.

The Most Important Feature: Copy Trading

Forex social trading is more than just a way to gauge market mood; it also allows Forex traders to monitor and follow the trading activity of experienced traders or teams, as well as duplicate their trading tactics in real-time. For example, if Trader A entirely follows Trader B, Trader A will automatically execute all of Trader B’s transactions. What would happen if you completely replicated or mirrored a top foreign currency trader or team?

Various analytical tools, including the Ichimoku Cloud, Bollinger Bands, and moving averages, are frequently used in the typical trading process. However, mastering these analytical procedures does not happen overnight; it takes a long time to gather the necessary knowledge. We may conclude that the social trading method is a good way for newcomers to begin trading Forex.

Transparency Helps to Keep your Thoughts Clear

Human investors tend to realize the profits from winning positions too soon while allowing losing positions to amass losses for far too long. “We discovered that the interest traders receive from their followers who invested funds in the traders’ approach influences their sensitivity to the inclination effect on social trading platforms.” According to a study, the disposition effect created by social trading transparency mechanisms can assist traders in overcoming psychological aversion.

Transparency is one of the main advantages of social trade. Users can learn from each other because all activities and effects are public. People openly discuss investment opportunities, successes, and missteps on social trading platforms, implying that the community educates each other. This is a truly social activity that helps traders maintain a clear and radical mind, as opposed to the traditional investing environment, which is a one-way medium to communicate that makes it challenging to be aware of the surroundings and thus controlled by psychology.


Foreign currency trading is one of the most popular investments and trading options. Despite the pandemic’s social exclusion, digital platforms such as social trading continue to be established, stabilized, and developed, promoting financial inclusion, making transactions more accessible, and helping to increase forex trading liquidity.

Social trading can assist traders in achieving breakthroughs in space and time, limiting risks, and boosting profitability by delivering the newest forex market mood, offering the most seasoned traders’ tactics, and making traders more logical through the transparency approach.

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