The Importance Of Third-Party Lab Test Reports For CBD Products

The CBD industry is one of the highly popular and most talked about industries that have made its name on the market more quickly. From being used in cosmetics products to the health supplement, CBD and its related cannabinoids are being in various products, including creams, lotions, capsules, drinks, tinctures, and more.

And one of the most and highly popular products infused with CBD is CBD topicals in Waterloo. CBD topicals are known for their easy nature as users just have to apply it to their nagging skin area, and that’s all. Once CBD topicals have been applied to the skin, their properties start entering your bloodstream and start showing their effects.

Along with different forms and varieties of CBD products, one term is also has a great impression on the market, and that is “Third-party lab test reports” or “Certificate Of Analysis.” Whenever you buy CBD topicals in Cambridge, it is always recommended to check the third-party lab test reports. This report is very important to check and read before investing in CBD products for many reasons.

Let’s learn in detail about third-party lab test reports and see why it is important to read.

What Are Third Party Lab Test Reports?

The third-party lab test report is generated by an independent company which makes the product more trustworthy and reliable. In simple words, it is evidence that shows you the reliability of the products and the quantity and names of each ingredient used in the products. And the reputed and trustworthy vendor or online store ensures to provide its customers with these reports while selling their products. If any vendor or seller is not ready to show the reports, then it indicates that the product might have components that are not good for the user or not contain quality ingredients.

The Important Of Third-Party Lab Testing:

Whether you buy CBD topicals in Waterloo or prefer to purchase oil or tinctures, the reports are very important. The entire purpose of third-party lab test testing is to provide an unbiased analysis of CBD products. These tests are used to specify the quality, purity, and potency of each product.

Though the CBD market is highly popular, it is still a very unregulated space which makes it easy for companies to lie about the quality of the products. Some companies only focus on making profits and do not prefer to provide good products. So, here the third-party lab testing comes to rescue the users and save them from fake products.

Any good manufacturer or vendor is well aware of the fact that no fake advertising or false marketing will be going to help him in selling products. Therefore, they always carry third-party lab reports with their products to show the right and genuine information about the CBD products. Such vendors easily display the lab results to the buyers and keep a transparent relationship to maintain their reputation and trust in the market. Even this is a sign of integrity, commitment, and sustainability.

What Do Third-Party Lab Testing Companies Test For?

There are a number of things that an independent lab test look for in CBD products, and some of the common components that are being tested are listed below. Take a look!

Cannabinoid Profiles:

CBD products not only contain CBD but also come with other cannabinoids, including THC. And THC is only allowed to be used less or around 0.3% in CBD topicals and other products depending on the area. Here, the third-party lab test confirms if the product contains a higher profile of THC or is just within the limit. This helps people a lot in getting the product according to their needs.

Terpene Profile:

Terpenes are small compounds that come with incredible therapeutic properties. These compounds are responsible for the aroma of the weed or hemp plant as well as other plants, including oranges, roses, and more. So, a third-party lab test shows the exact amount of terpene content present in the product. You can choose the product accordingly!

Moving on, there are many more things that are being tested, including the waste material, toxic chemicals, and compounds present in the products. If any of the toxic compounds is found in the products, then it gets removed from the market or does not get the approval to be sold. Besides, before buying or adding any CBD product to your routine, you can consult an expert for better guidance and support.

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