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Celebrating earth day at school is a great activity to create awareness and understanding of environmental protection among students. But at the same time, it is important to encourage students to become environment-conscious throughout the year. You can take different initiatives to keep students intact with a go green movement during school days the whole year. 

As a teacher and administrator of a school, you can use the following tips to keep things environment friendly at your school. According to acemyhomework these simple tips will help you to go green at your school without much of an effort. 

1. Participation in International Walk to School Day: 

Walk to school day and bike to the school day are two important events that can become an annual activity in your school. Both these days highlight the effects of cars on the environment. On this day all the students walk and use a bike to school rather than a car. 

As a teacher and administrator, you need to participate in the walk to the school day as well. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and sends a strong message to the students about your dedication to protecting the environment. 

For the students who use a bus or live far away from school can walk the last half mile. The main goal of organizing this event is to realize the parents and students that walking and biking can help to reduce air pollution. 

2. Student-Run Recycling Club: 

There is a lot of amount of paper that is thrown away by teachers, administrators, and students every day. You can go green in your school by taking a step in the right direction. You can start a recycling club led by an active teacher and run by students. 

Place the bins in every classroom, office, and copy room. The members of the recycling club can collect the bins during break time and empty them in a specific room. You can create awareness about what type of papers can be reused and what cannot be reused. 

This will help you to recycle the construction papers, envelopes, catalogs, scrap papers, and much more. 

3. Create Fabulous Art Projects through Recycling of Newspapers and Magazines: 

Another tip to go green at your school is to get involved art teacher at your school. The art teacher can plan some projects that can be developed entirely using recycled material. 

There are art projects that students complete by using new construction papers. Replacing these new papers by recycled papers of magazines and newspapers will help you to save a lot of new papers and energy as well. 

4. Environmentally Informative Trip: 

You, as a teacher and administrator at school, can arrange a nearby field trip for students to create awareness. Choose a place to visit that is playing a positive role in environmental protection. 

You can arrange a trip to an alternative energy plant that is more environmentally friendly as compared to the traditional energy plants. A local landfill where all the trash is dumped can also be a good option. Other than these two you can select an organic farm or a recycling center as well. 

This will help students understand why going green is important for both environment and our life. 

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