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The number 1 best place to see in Jordan

Are  you looking for  The number 1 best place to see in Jordan ? then you are in right place Jordan is one of the countries located in the Middle East and is part of western Asia. It is strategically located at the crossroads of Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Jordan is mostly known because of the Dead Sea, which is currently the lowest point on earth and home to a body of water with unusual properties.

The geographic location of Jordan made it a very beautiful place to see. There are lots of places to swing by, great food to taste and very nice people to mingle with.

Especially if you’re the type who loves to see history being presented to you in a preserved manner, you will definitely love Jordan. It is home to a lot of historical and ancient landmarks with rich stories behind every place.

Out of all these amazing places to see and spend time sightseeing in Jordan, there is this one place that stands out the most. Take note that it will take you two weeks to at least have a decent tour of Jordan due to the numerous landmarks you can visit here.


The number one best place to see in Jordan is the place that made it to the Unesco World Heritage list. The world famous most visited place in Jordan, Petra is the best place to see.

You can say that yes this is common knowledge already, but you will not be able to grasp how magnificent this place is if you haven’t seen it yet. The scenic view of the place when you see it in person is incomparable to how it is shown or seen in pictures.

The magnificent architecture will make you think twice if it really is real or if it was really created a long time ago. The design looks like it can only be done with today’s types of machinery. It will leave you with questions on how they were able to make something as magnificent as this.

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If you will have the opportunity to tour around Jordan, you will have that same question over your head. How people from the past created such magnificent looking structures? The structure of pathways in Petra is a thing of beauty as well. It is hidden within a maze-like structure going to the center of the place. The valleys surrounding the area made the pathway much more gorgeous.

Petra is home to a number of carved architectures.

The Siq

After going through the normal looking entrance of Petra, you will be left to wonder what is so amazing about the place that it gets too much hype. Walking along the long path, you will find locals offering horse rides to the best places inside Petra.

Petra is so big that it will take you a whole day just to get to all the places. That is why locals will offer you a ride on the donkeys, horses, and camels. After a short walk you will see different tombs near the pathway and a façade of a canyon.

Once you enter that beautifully carved stone pathway, you will realize that you have entered the Siq. It will leave you mesmerized with its beauty. You will feel like you have gone back to time. The first thing that will come to your mind is that you’re like a cast in an old movie.

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The Treasury

As you arrive at the location of the Treasury, you will be much more amazed at how this huge monument was created. Hidden inside the valley are these numerous tombs and temples and then a huge structure like the Treasury will leave you at awe. It is a structure used by the early inhabitants and was made for their king.

This huge stone carving after walking through the Siq is the most famous out of all the places inside Petra. The most shocking is that, there are a lot more places to see once you walk further inside.

Street of Facades

After the Treasury, you will find yourself walking into again a huge open area with multiple cave-like houses. At this point, you will be able to realize that a community has once lived at this place.

The Monastery

This is one of the farthest places inside Petra. One can reach the site after long hours of walking or if you hire a horse, you can easily get to the place.

It is a much bigger stone-carved structure. It is bigger than the treasury, and much more detailed as well. There are many more places to see inside which includes the great temple, the colonnaded street, the high place of Petra.

Petra is an ancient civilization which has prospered and was lost during the ancient times. It looks like a hidden fortress covered by a huge valley of rocks and sand. We should be grateful for the people who have preserved its beauty, for the younger generations to experience its beauty and learn about history first hand.

The civilization inside Petra will give you many realizations in life, depending on how you will interpret things. This place can give you a glimpse of the past, a glimpse of how amazing the people on Earth are, how time can pass us by without us even knowing.

Safe Solo Travel

It will also inspire you to travel more and see the beauty of the world. It will make you go search for that untapped wildlife, ancient historical significant sites, and modern world changes.

It is fairly easy for women to travel alone to Jordan as the locals are very nice although speaks average English and at times not speaking any English at all. There are quite some instances where we have met solo women travelers visiting places in Jordan.

If you’re looking for a place to see next, choose Jordan and find Petra. You will learn and enjoy it a lot. You might gain a different perspective as well when you come back to your place. It is truly a remarkable experience. this are The number 1 best place to see in Jordan 



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