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One of the best-used microwaves in the world is the OTR.  It’s because of its cooking capacity and at the same time, its installation.  You don’t need to put this appliance in another exclusive area and requires a large space.  But this one will only be fitted between your wall mounted cabinets. You can easily find Best OTR Microwave 2020 online.  So, the hassle and the area requirement are eliminated.

The Benefits Of OTR Microwave

  • One of the best advantages of this microwave is the space you save. It helps a lot. Much more if you have a small kitchen. The dilemma of a small kitchen if how to fit all of your appliances.  The option is to install it at a higher level, where you can use it.  You may install it over one of your range.  This makes sense, as you don’t need to move other appliances, to be able to accommodate this.
  • This also can serve as a range hood, because it has several fans in it. Almost all kitchens require a range hood to release odors, steam, and smoke.  With this, functionality is increased.


  • This is good to be installed in kitchen’s that has wall cabinets installed at a very reasonable height. Without it, it will be impossible to use these over the range microwave for shorter people.
  • Another disadvantage is the discomfort of cooking in a high spot. It’s hard to check the food you are cooking, because of its level.  It’s also dangerous to stand on top of a chair and other objects, just to be on the same level.
  • Make sure that you can get hold properly of the handle when taking out the food. It’s also not safe to operate an OTR microwave when you are cooking below in your stove.  It’s a little bit unsafe to do that.
  • For an OTR, you will need to duct it out, unless you can find a way to connect it, where the fans can eliminate the air, to eliminate the air.
  • Most of the OTR has a fan with 300 capacity, which is below the standards of other hoods at 1000cfm. The ventilation of most OTR is not adequate.

When you want to buy the best OTR, please consider your kitchen and then you decide, which of these types is good for your kitchen and your usage.  If your needs are light heating and cooking only, don’t go for the heavier ovens.


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