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Is spending too much time with your kids a bad thing?Is spending too much time with your kids a bad thing?

The pandemic is not over yet. Creating and performing trials for vaccines is still well underway. All over the world, community quarantine and lockdown measures are constantly modified to adjust to any changes or updates regarding the spread and containment of the virus.

The said changes are practiced in all businesses—and that includes establishments like kids party venues. While the coronavirus may have halted several business operations and day-to-day duties for some, that should not entirely keep family bonding moments from happening. Spending time with friends and family means the world, especially for kids. 

Celebrations and social activities can still be practiced for as long as precautionary measures are observed.

How can party venues for children and families uphold safety while promoting fun and leisure?

With creativity and resourcefulness, ensuring social distancing and proper hygiene is possible. Public locations, such as family entertainment centers must prepare a strategic setup for hand sanitation, keep ample distance between guests or participants, and ensure that all the materials are maintained.

Aside from the guests, the staff must also be properly geared and oriented to keep everyone protected at all times.


  • Instructions and Guide


The management should prepare and affix a set of instructions and guidelines that will assist the guests. For instance, directions and arrows pointing to the hand sanitizing stations, dining area, restrooms, as well as the main venue should be placed in areas where the guests could easily see it. The instructions must be clear, concise, and easily understood or followed by the guests. 


  • Sanitation


Ideally, hand sanitizers and handwashing stations should be set up along the venue’s entryway. The station for washing hands must be equipped with liquid soap, running water, non-reusable paper towels, and a nearby trash bin with a foot pedal to discard the used paper towels. If possible, shoes should be taken off in the hallway, and indoor slippers are worn inside the establishment. Otherwise, a sanitation mat and tub for shoes will help rinse away germs sticking on the soles of the guests’ shoes. Gloves and masks must be worn by guests and staff at all times. 


  • Accommodation


Limiting the number of guests or attendees for each event is one of the best ways to enforce proper social distancing in social gatherings. A smaller number of participants will be easier to manage, diminishing the possibility of overcrowding the area. Let customers know of the maximum headcount for each activity ahead of time.


  • Social Distancing


Social distancing in a kids party venue should not hinder kids from enjoying their special day. Maximize the space by maintaining a distance between the chairs and tables. Limit the number of individuals who can use rides and other gaming equipment.

Individual activities involving coloring and drawing pictures or solving puzzles can still be just as fun as kids get to do it with their friends. Have bumper cars in the venue? Reserve it for kids who can operate it on their own to maintain social distancing. For bowling alleys and indoor rides, constantly sanitize the equipment whenever a guest or event attendee uses it. 

Battling an unseen enemy in the form of a deadly virus may be daunting for the most part, but it should not let your spirits down completely. In the same manner, it should not prevent kids from enjoying childhood and making the most out of it.


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