Fri. Jun 21st, 2024
Capture what’s hidden, is the idea behind the art of photography and photographers are the artists wh unleash the best of it. A profession globally accepted to be an indispensable part of routine life, photos capture the moment with the underlying emotions and convey the idea of the moment through a single click.
Delivering the emotions and nostalgia of the moment, photographers endeavor to acquire the one perfect click. Qader Nazari is one such eminent and young photographer, who in his early 20’s has become acknowledged and reverred globally. With brimming skills and 6+ years of on-field experience, Qader’s work has been appreciated by the elite.
Qader’s skill set and technical know-how Is quite incomparable along with his age, a PPA certification, masters of photography, with awards to vouch for his talents like the silver medalist photographer of the year, and a certified professional photographer competition award , his prints have been selected y the international exhibitions.
Qader has had always been an illustrious and detailed oriented person, with an eye for the main chance. A blogger as well, he has been visualized as a photographer who views the world in a different light. His amazing click could be found on his instafram account @Qader. We wish to see his forthcoming projects.

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