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Montella CyclingThe Product Cost Components That Montella Cycling Has Successfully Reduce
Cost Components
The Product Cost Components That Montella Cycling Has Successfully Reduce

Cycling jerseys are the primary products of Montella Cycling. Montella Cycling sells cycling clothes for men and women, as with other similar clothing brands. Best of all, the size ranges for a jersey are wide.

In other words, you will easily find convenient clothing sizes from the tiniest body shapes to a few numbers above extra-large. Yet, Montella Cycling’s product prices are some of the most economical in the industry.

In Montella Cycling, we only produce the clothes if there are any direct demands. In doing so, we’ve removed many aspects of unnecessary costs, and this article will tell you which are those aspects.

Shop Rents

We are among clothing stores that operate 100% online. So, the only things that we’re concerned about are maintaining our websites’ appearances, usability, and many other aspects that leave our customers wanting more.

As a result, we don’t need to worry about paying weekly or monthly rents for our operational offices. In Montella Cycling, our homes are our offices, and we are happy to serve you from our homes.


Lots of our competitors set their prices high because they spend time (and money) storing their products. They often have more than one warehouse since they tend to sell more than one clothing or jersey product.

We operate in ways that are different from them. After all, Montella Cycling’s store is 100% online. Hence, we execute the operational processes – from the initial raw material processing to the finishing parts – without any help from warehouses, inventories, etc.

Furthermore, we only produce our products when our system detects a purchase. In doing so, our products are always fresh, new, and (of course) cheap or economically priced.


The transportation cost in everyday businesses usually refers to the transportation people use to deliver goods from the office (or warehouse) to the customers’ houses or vice versa in cases of product returns.

However, this cost component also means the transportation costs for employees. In such cases, the company bears the employees’ transportation costs, and this can be even more costly when the employees are from other cities or even countries.

In Montella Cycling, there are no such things as operational transportation for products or for employees since we operate in online manners. We pay our expenses if we need to meet up somewhere to arrange something related to our businesses. Then, again, we don’t do these things often.

The Middle Man

“The Middle Man” is the alias for people who receive commissions or certain fees from the company. They are usually marketers, even though they can be workers in other departments.

Many of our competitors pay “The Middle Man” because the commissioners need to spread our the company’s printed materials. It is usually because they have a physical presence, and they want their potential customers to be aware of their presence.

In Montella Cycling, we operate our businesses by ourselves. Additionally, the digital footprints are our only presence. So, there is no need to pay “The Middle Man”.

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