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In today’s world of modern education, every student must excel in all the subjects and topics that cover the global facts and learning. Missing is just not an option. Not all.

However, it is equally important to learn all the topics in an organized and systematic manner to grasp it effectively without any unnecessary stress. That’s why The Quizopedia is here to provide the best solution to this very concern. 

The Quizopedia is a quiz conducting app for Android devices that offers quizzes and tests from 24 various categories, covering subjects like including Current Affairs, Mathematics, Literature, Wildlife, Business & Economy, and many more. The primary focus of the app is to ensure that your child get to cover all the necessary subjects that he/she requires to learn for their school and other competitive exams. 

How to benefit most from The Quizopedia

The Quizopedia app is very convenient to use and features an elaborate yet simple layout with a easily understandable vocabulary. The app’s user experience design focuses on magnified buttons that enable the young children to navigate effortlessly. Each quiz in the app includes 20 questions and has 5 minutes to answer. The e-learning apps for kids will present your kids with multiple-choice questions that offer more than one attempt to get the question right.

Quick results 

Results are shown in real-time with answers that can be previewed by the kids the moment they finish the quiz. They can also download and access the report and analyze their areas of improvement.

Ideal for competitive exams 

The app offers quiz questions for every day of the year. Stimulating facts and ways of thinking are dealt with simply and concisely, ensuring that when the important day comes, the students are all set to unleash their learning in best way possible! 

App highlights

Various  categories 

The students can choose to take quiz from various categories including Current Affairs, Mathematics, Literature, Wildlife, Business & Economy, and many more. The Quizopedia has got numerous topics from around the globe covered well so that your child won’t miss a thing. 

For students of junior to high school

The Quizopedia offers quizzes customized for students belonging to the following stages: 

Primary Stage (Classes 1, 2)

Upper Primary Stage (Classes 3, 4, 5)

Middle Stage (Classes 6, 7, 8)

Secondary Stage (9, 10, 11, 12)

Multimedia videos for better learning:

The Quizopedia has an array of informative videos which enable your kid to take advantage of visual learning techniques. Watching videos are highly effective in retaining an understanding of highly complex phenomena and objects.  

New update notification

Whenever any update is available, a notification will be sent to all users, so they can know about it.

Single Test:

Additionally, The Quizopedia also offers Single Test, a category-based quiz, the students can take it without subscribing and have first-hand experience with the app.  

Why The Quizopedia 

What makes The Quizopedia different from the other online quiz apps available? It offers an immersive and interactive quiz method where the student doesn’t just take the exams, but also learns and explores the respective subjects while interacting with several multimedia elements like videos. Other unique features such as the ‘’On This Day’ section provides a new fact related to the current day daily. 

The app emphasizes on following objectives:

  • Amalgamation of amusement and knowledge
  • Easy accessibility
  • More than one lakh questions irrespective of the categories
  • Integrated and devoted team with their industrious role
  • Regular and incessant updates of General Knowledge, General Science, and Current Affairs
  • Helpful and reliable for all sorts of competitive exams
  • Informative with reliability
  • Qualitative Approach maintaining the quantity
  • Uniqueness in the answers with required elucidation
  • Comprehensibility

To download The Quizopedia for iOS, click HERE.

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