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Describing The Ranking In All 8 Flavors Of Popeyes Sauces

Popeyes may be our best choice among all the fast-food chicken establishments. That place just has so much diversity. bone-in, bone-out. Sandwiches and chicken tenders. somewhat hot. And shrimp, if you’re a pescatarian. There are countless number of options. 

But the million-dollar question is, which of their six starkly different dipping sauces should you order? I tried out every flavor offered at my local Popeyes, using their mild and spicy boneless wings, to make your decision a little bit easier Here is a Popeyes sauce list ranking to help you find the suitable sauce on the go with your favorite dish.

1. Blackened Ranch Sauce

Which of their nine radically distinct dipping sauces should you order, though, is the million-dollar question. To help you make a decision, We sampled every flavor available at my neighborhood Popeyes sauce using their mild and spicy boneless wings. See how your favorite sauce fared and learn our top pick for those who have never tried Popeyes by reading on.

  • Tasting notes: creamy, peppery
  • Best pair with Cajun fries, chicken nuggets

Get this sauce right away if you believe ranch dressing blended with a ton of paprika sounds amazing.

2. Sweet Heat Sauce

Next to a Thai sweet and hot chili sauce that is a bit thinner and less jelly-like is Popeyes’ Sweet Heat. In any case, it clings to Popeyes’ chicken like glue. The fact that this sauce is genuinely hot is the best part about it; it perfectly amplifies the spice of the already spicy chicken tenders.

  • Tasting notes: sweet, spicy
  • Best pair with spicy chicken tenders, popcorn shrimp

A limited-edition partnership between Popeyes sauces and Megan Thee Stallion from 2020 featured a sweet twist on the spicy sauce that was aptly named “Hottie Sauce.” The taste of the sauce is amazingly delicious.

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3. BoldBQ Sauce

Barbecue sauce isn’t what comes to mind when we think of Popeyes Sauces! Usually, we save barbecue for places with blander chicken, like Dairy Queen or McDonald’s. Popeyes’ mildly spicy chicken tastes better with their more flavored dipping sauces. 

  • Tasting notes: smoky, tangy
  • Best Pair with chicken wings, a chicken sandwich

Barbecue sauce has the advantage of being dependable. It’s not particularly exceptional, but even on its worst days, it works well as a dipping sauce for large pieces of chicken. We’re glad to report that Popeyes’ BoldBQ is something you’ll want to enjoy on its own rather than something you’ll reach for during periods of extreme hunger.

4. Bayou Buffalo Sauce

Popeyes dipping sauces truly start to shine in Bayou Buffalo. All in all, it’s a fairly typical buffalo sauce, with hints of vinegar and cayenne, and not too hot. The fact that the sauce is flavorful enough to not overshadow the chicken flavor even when drenched is our favorite thing about the Bayou Buffalo.

  • Tasting notes: cayenne pepper, celery
  • Best Pair with Cajun fries, coleslaw

The Popeyes sauce batter is already delicious tastes are soon overpowered. Maybe it would taste better on Cajun fries or mixed with your coleslaw. While not all dressings have to resemble a thick roux, Popeyes patrons are aware that smothering your tenders with a ton of sauce is simply part of the experience. This makes Popeyes sauces challenging to dip into a thin sauce like this. Furthermore, some diners may find the strong aftertaste left by the vinegar unpleasant.

5. Buttermilk Ranch Sauce

Ranch dressing works well with all of our favorite junk food items, including fries, pizza, and yes, fried chicken, in addition to carrot sticks and salads. Popeyes’ dip realm offers a Buttermilk Ranch that is sufficiently rich to fully submerge breaded fowl in any desired form.

  • Tasting notes: creamy, oniony
  • Best Pair with chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, Cajun fries

With just the right amount of balance, the flavorful spices of Popeyes Sauces elevate simple battered tenders without overpowering the chain’s spicy offerings. It’s a no-brainer if you want to dip something with your meal.

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6. Tartar Sauce

A traditional garnish seen at fish restaurants is tartar sauce. Its refreshing creaminess is undeniably perfect with a basket of fish & chips. Unfortunately, the chain’s Tartar Sauce comes almost the last on our list of delicious dipping sauces to go with Popeyes’ chicken. 

  • Tasting notes: creamy, pungent
  • Best Pair with popcorn shrimp, fried catfish

Being a Cajun restaurant and all, Popeyes sauces are famed for their robust taste, so it’s disappointing to get a seasoned but milky mayo when you drive through.

7. Wild Honey Mustard Sauce

A Popeyes sauce that kind of walks the edge between sweet and salty is honey mustard. In contrast to the traditional mustard garnish that you would find zigzagging your hot dog, honey mustard is kinder on your palette and goes well with a range of meals. Some variants have a flavor more akin to barbecue sauce with added beefiness and candied notes that blend in with the stronger mustard seeds.

  • Tasting notes: rich, sweet, creamy
  • Best Pair with Cajun fries, chicken tenders

This is Creole, loaded with egg and mustard seeds, proving that Popeyes sauces hasn’t forgotten its origins. It’s the ideal combination of sweet and custardy.

8. Mardis Gras Mustard Sauce

It’s worth debating the benefits of both Mardi Gras Mustard and its sweeter sister, Wild Honey Mustard. Both of them are mustard sauces, after all, and they both have a little more heat than your average French sauce. However, there’s something about the former that delights our palates in the greatest way. 

  • Tasting notes: bold, creamy
  • Best Pair with spicy chicken tenders, popcorn shrimp

Nothing goes better with it, and the best way to maximize the taste of this easy dip is to pair it with something meatier, like chicken tenders.

Winding Up With Final Quotes!

It’s reasonable to argue that when it comes to fast food, Americans are creatures of habit. They’ll place identical meal orders from the same chain and make a variety of demands that are non-negotiable no matter how big or little. Franchises like Popeyes sauces have shaped side sauces into what they are, as they readily fit into this category. So this was all about what you need to know about Popeyes Sauces when to prefer and what to choose suitable to your taste.

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