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Life is a series of events. Every day is a new experience, bringing in a new set of challenges, new emotions, and hurdles. How a person tackles, life is what distinguishes them from one another. Sharing a life story not only helps the individual gain a better insight on how to lead their lives, but it also helps other people in learning new things.

Among people who are known for their exeptional skills, and kind hard, Hussein Abdi Abdullahi remains distinguished. A is a philanthropist and social entrepreneur from Somalia, Hussein is also the advocate of sustainable growth and development, introducing the concept of holistic community development to the weak nations in the East African regions.

However, Hussein witnessed the worst side of life before he could see the brighter days. Born on January 1, 1991, life was harsh on Hussein since birth. Hussein opened his eyes in Mogadishu, Somalia, into a Nomadic family from Ogaden. The second sibiling of the family, Hussein came into the world when Somalia was chained by the civil war. With every passing day, the situation in the country was drastically declining. Soon, his father decided to abandon their hometown. The family migrated to Kenya for survival, finally finding refuge at the Dadaab Refugee Camps in Garissa County after innumerable days.

For 17 long years, Hussein lived with his family in the same refugee camp. His entire childood, he came face to face with adversities but determined not to give up. He went to Getune Primary School in Garissa until fifth grade and then entered El-Nino Primary School in Dagahaley till he was 17 years old.

These 17 years were not easy on the family, and Hussein started to feel responsible for helping the people who were clutched in severe situations. Having to experience the difficult situations that life so unsympathetically lay on him, Hussein felt the pain of others stuck in similar situations. He couldn’t help but feel responsible to make situations for the people in the East African nations better.

Soon after, his family resettlement in the United States as refugees. It was then and there that Hussein decided he wanted to make the world better for everyone. Hussein graduated from Renton High School in Renton, Washington, determined to make a change for the better. He completed multiple certifications and pieces of training from UNICEF and several other notable platforms. He acquired leadership, child protection, and justice in matters involving child victim training.

But he didn’t stop there. Hussein also earned several diplomas in sustainable development, environmental science, childhood and youth studies, and many others. Earning these certifications, trainings, and diplomas helped Hussein understand the concept and value of holistic community development. Through that, Hussein gained the insight and vision of his non-profit organization. With the sheer belief that community development starts with people, and he created a plan which would work to strengthen the youth of a nation, resulting in better opportunities for the growth and development of a weak country.

On October 22, 2016, Hussein founded the International Development & Humanitarian Organization with Kristine Lynch. He created his organization with the aim of addressing issues including education health and hygiene, sanitation, human rights, gender equality, female education, and youth empowerment in nations located in the Horn of East Africa.

Hussein also works with numerous community organizations in the greater King County area, such as Somali Youth and Family Club, for the after-school program.

Hussein was then appointed as the Youth Ambassador for Skyway Solutions in Washington,  a Community Development Association working to provide youth and homeless the opportunity to grow. Through the organization, Hussein acquired the necessary knowledge for launching programs in East Africa.

Hussein also co-founded the Ogaden Youth and Student Union (OYSU) in Washington, an international youth organization that was founded in 2013. Since then, it has been working for the rights of the Somali people in the Ogaden region under Ethiopian occupation. OYSU aims to unify all youth initiatives advocating for the rights of the Ogaden people by mobilizing, organizing, and integrating the talents and potential of youth both in the diaspora and in the Ogaden region.

In May 2019, Hussein traveled back to the Somali region for evaluation and assessment of the needs of humanitarian assistance. After dedicating five months, Hussein had a clear idea of the needs of the Somalian community, which he used to create the programs offered by IDHO.

As of today, Hussein is a philanthropist, social entrepreneur, human rights activist, and an advocate of community development. He currently studies International Relations and Diplomacy at American Public University (APU). He has a kind heart and a steadfast attitude that helps him to make the world a better place to live in.

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