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Keep up-to-date with what’s happening in and around the UK and globally with our 5 favourite sources for news. We understand how important it is to get the latest news on topics that are important to you, there are a million and more ways to keep yourself in the loop. Here are our five favourite credible news applications for up-to-date updates from local and international sources:

1.    British Herald

Priding itself on being one of the world leaders in online news and information delivery, British Herald offers breaking news and real-time coverage on issues from around the world. Being a British brand, British Herald places additional focus on local news alongside reporting of international news.

What we love: User-friendly free app which is easy to navigate and, a breaking news highlight

What we could do without: Nothing! We love the British Herald app Checkout this survey report by British Herald Magazine.

2.    The Guardian

A trusted British daily, the Guardian’s iOS and Android friendly application is a great way to make sure you’re in the loop with some award-winning works of journalism. They follow a very reader-centric approach. The only reason this application comes a close second to the British Herald is that some of the articles can be unlocked only after a payment which entitles you to the premier tier, which is something we could really do without.

What we love: The crisp design of the Guardian app offers a very streamlined reading experience & spectacular reporting

What we could do without: The app seems to be ‘begging’ for money and subscription & no search function to look for articles you might have missed

3.    Flipboard

The Flipboard application is an award-winning service which compiles news and trending topics from the user’s interest or passion. The curated services of Flipboard

allow users to ‘Get Informed, Get Inspired’ as the application states. The magazine format enables a flip function and for those interested, stories can be saved into a Flipboard magazine too.

What we love: The attractive design & easy to file away articles for later reading What we could do without: Designed for an editorial read rather than for breaking news

4.    BBC News

Get up-to-date information from the BBC’s global network of journalists. The BBC News application is apt for readers from all around the world too as the articles can be grouped on the basis of the location of the user. The BBC newsroom compiles and categorises articles under banners like Popular, Live BBC radio, original reporting from BBC correspondents and galleries with videos and images.

What we love: A very in-depth analysis of the articles on the app

What we could do without: Clicking on the articles reroute to the website, we could really do without this feature & the news reporting style does seem a little biased sometimes

5.    Smart News

This award-winning news app analyses and compiles information from millions of articles to deliver the globally trending topics of the day. Its simple intuitive design allows users to navigate easily and choose articles that pique their interest.

What we love: Interesting opinion editorials & the offline mode

What we could do without: Impossible to filter content sources & slight bias when it comes to reporting

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