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The Top Five Teams Likely to Win the 2022/23 UCL TitleThis photograph taken on August 25, 2022, shows the UEFA Champions League football trophy cup during the draw for the UEFA Champions League football tournament 2022-2023 in Istanbul. (Photo by OZAN KOSE / AFP) (Photo by OZAN KOSE/AFP via Getty Images)

The UEFA Champions League is one of the best competitions in club soccer across Europe. The best teams from various countries go head-to-head and give us some of the best experiences over the years. Undoubtedly, the Champions League predictions are tricky, and we can’t tell which team will win the competition. 

Different competitions have schedules, and the UEFA Champions League always gives us matchups with top teams and players. So, before a team can win the competition, they must go through some of the toughest challenges across Europe. With that, only the best teams can make it and win the title. 

With different teams battling for the championship every season, we are set for another round of battles in the 2022/23 season. However, some teams are at the forefront of the list and would most likely be the team to take home the title. In that case, we’ve highlighted our top five Champions League predictions today below. 

Manchester City

Over the years, Manchester City has been building a formidable team, and undoubtedly, they have a team that can take on any rival. The problem is that the team hasn’t been able to register any success outside of England. They’ve won everything in the country but haven’t won the biggest trophy across Europe. 

The team has been growing, and they’ve become a formidable force under Pep Guardiola. Manchester City is one of the top Champions League picks this season, as they’ve been for many seasons. So, it is unsurprising that many sportsbooks and pundits are tipping them to win this year’s champions league trophy. 

Paris Saint-Germain

With an attacking trio of Messi, Neymar, and Mbappe, Paris Saint-Germain is one of the best-attacking teams in Europe. They are feared across the continent, and you can tell that the team is ready to take on any challenge. The three attackers are some of the best in the world; undoubtedly, only a few come close. 

Like Manchester City, the Parisians are looking for their first UCL title since the club’s history to solidify their golden years. PSG has been at the top for many years now, but they haven’t been able to win the championship. They got close in the 2019/20 season but lost to Bayern. So, we expect them to push this season.

Real Madrid

The UEFA Champions League royals and defending champions are always top contenders for the trophy. They’ve always dominated the competition, even when it looks unlikely for the team. They find a way to increase their chances of winning. Last season, they weren’t part of the top contenders and even faltered on many occasions, but they ended up winning the title. 

So, we expect them to push for their 15th UCL to increase their wins and the gap between them and other teams. We can tell that the team would remain a force in UCL history. No matter how bad the team looks, they are more likely to win the title than most teams. They should never be underestimated. 

Bayern Munich

The German Champions are another top contender with incredible history in the competition. They’ve won the competition more than five times and shown that they are a top team in the competition. Bayern Munich is an incredible force in the UCL and Bundesliga, and we think they can push for the title this season. 

They didn’t do well last season, losing to Villareal in a tight match. After cruising through the group stages, they would remain a tough team to beat this season. Bayern has a lot to offer once they get to the competition’s knockout stages, and we think they have a real shot at winning the competition. 


Finally on our list is the 2020/21 season champions, Chelsea, a budding team with plenty of talents. With a new head coach and owner, Chelsea has what it takes to return to the pinnacle of European football. We’ve seen what they could do with a new manager, and we can’t write them off with the competition still on. 

Chelsea is an exciting team to watch, but they’ve suffered inconsistent performances for some periods, and because of that, they’ve become unpredictable. The blues are a formidable team with top talented players. Therefore, they can always push for any title. They would always be a favorite to win the competition.

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