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Artistic. Genuine. Treasured. These are the best things about Samurai swords. Plus, well cared Katana swords can last for years to come. Frequent care is also associated with high performance. Frequent oiling and cleaning will make your katana swords last long. So, if you want it to serve you better, maintain it well. Clean it regularly. The following tips and tricks will help you better care for your sword.

The Blades Should Not Be Touched By Bare Hands

Katana blades are sharp. They can chop off your fingers. Thus, never hold the blades with your bare hands. Even more, your finders contain certain types of acids. These acids can end up deteriorating the blades. Still more, they can cause rust on the blades. If you must touch the blades, make sure you wipe off the oil after every use. It will reduce the chances of rusting and deterioration.

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The Blades Should Be Oiled Frequently

Oiling is an important aspect of any Katana sword. With oiling, you have an option that will minimize rust. Here, use natural oils like mineral or clove oil. Alternatively, you can use synthetic oil like silicon oils. These oils are available in spray form. Take at least 4 minutes to oil the blades. Also, oiling should be don’t at least 1-3 months.

The Sword Should Be Stored In the Saya

Storing your katana in saya will prevent dust from deteriorating it. Even more, this technique will prevent the scabbard from warping. Remember, wood is notorious for bending or twisting the blades. This can interfere with the sharpness and orientation of the blades. Plus, wood can cause heat or dampness on the blades.

Never Parry Your Sword in Training

Want to damage your Katana? Well, then bang it against your friend’s sword. It will damage it in no time. Do you want to damage your precious sword? Probably, no. Well, then, don’t parry your sword in training. Of course, using it like in the prominent movies can be exciting. But, it will destroy your katana.

Sharpen and Polish It Properly

Sharpen your katana on a regular basis. Use the right methods to sharpen your katana. Polish it regularly. Hire a professional to polish and clean your katana. The process of polishing your katana is long. That’s why contracting the services of a professional is very important. There are numerous sharpeners and polishers online. Do your research and select the right sharpener. Look for a sharpener with the right experience. Go for a sharpener with a reputation.  It’s important to note that Japanese swords (i.e. Katana) aren’t toys. These swords are precious in nature. They carry a lot of value. Keep them away from kids. Don’t play with them. Store them well. Proper care will prolong your katana sword’s lifespan.

The Bottom-Line

Katana swords need care. The above care tip will help you care for your katana knife like a pro. These care tips are sure to keep your katana sword in good condition for years to come.

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