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Mobile phones have been one of the few technologies that disrupted the way we live. Ever since they came out, they have been making waves in our lives and changing our entire perception of how we do things. We can now do stuff that we didn’t even think was possible before. What we once saw only in the movies like talking in real-time and having tons of data on our fingertips is now a reality, and we partake in these activities throughout our days. This technology has become ubiquitous in all the aspects of our lives, whether we talk about our social life, work-life, or our personal lives. We use these mobile phones to communicate, to set reminders, to observe the time, and for a million different things.

But ever since mobile phones came out, there has been a strong debate both for and against them. Some people still consider them to be a bad influence on our lives and that they have ruined our lives. But more and more people are convinced that the invention of the mobile phone has helped us out in a plethora of ways and that they have been a positive influence in our lives.

One of the things that mobile phones have done for us is to bring the world closer. Before mobile phones, geographical restrictions stopped us from communicating. But now, we can communicate with each other even if we are halfway around the world and talk to each other and see each other as if we were in the next room. And this technology has become so affordable that everyone has access to it. For example, if you live in Singapore, all you have to do is to go to a mobile shop in Singapore and get any mobile phone that is in your budget. That’s how easy it is.

Here are some of the ways that mobile phones have affected us:

Staying Connected

When the mobile phones came into the market, staying connected meant sending messages and calling each other whenever we wanted. But now it has become so much more than that. With a mobile phone in your hands, you can connect to the internet, and then the world becomes your oyster. You can use Wi-Fi or any cellular network to reach any place that you want. The earlier days of writing letters and then waiting days or even months for a reply are gone. Now you can communicate with someone in Singapore or Antarctica for that matter within seconds. Mobile phones have taken all the inconvenience out of communication and have made it quite rapid and high quality. You can also use your mobile phone to keep up to date with the trending news and information. Whatever information you want is within your reach in the blink of an eye.


Another benefit that mobile phones have afforded us is that of multitasking. Before we had these gadgets in our hands, we would have to wait till we finish one job before starting another or addressing something while we were doing something else. For example, if you were standing in a queue at the bank or somewhere else, there was no way for you to do anything else. But now, you can correspond with your friends and family or answer a business email or text and use that time for a greater purpose rather than just standing around and waiting for your turn.

Better Organization

Since mobile phones have become a multipurpose gadget, we can now do things with them that we couldn’t before. For example, we used to carry heavy binders and files where we used to organize our daily routines, tasks to do, and everything else. After the binders and the files came PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), but now you can do all that with your mobile phone and not have to carry around multiple gadgets or heavy files and folders with you at all times. With the current processors and memory that mobile phones have, you can carry as much data with you as you want in digital format on your mobile phone. You have a calendar, things to do app, address book, calculator, voice recorder, and a plethora of features built-in your mobile phones. These and other apps allow you to keep your personal as well as professional life organized.

Productivity in Business and Work

Productivity in today’s world is easily accomplished if you have a mobile phone in your hands. As a business owner or as an employee, you have to make sure that you are as productive and efficient as you can. The mobile phone allows you to have business tools that can help you with these. Whether you want to write a letter, an email, or a report, most mobile phones have a word processing application that you can use wherever you are. The same is true for spreadsheets and presentations. Just think about it; you could be on the bus or train and work on your presentation for the office while you commute. Almost every mobile phone, whether it’s an android, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, or Blackberry, has these options for your benefit.


The debate about the pros and cons of mobile phones will go on, but the fact of the matter is that these gadgets have really made our lives easier and more productive and efficient. Whether we talk about the education sector, business, healthcare, agriculture, or any other industry or our personal lives, we see that we are reaping these benefits and utilizing our mobile phones for a plethora of activities.

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