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It’s not a secret anymore that foldable smartphones are the future sensation in the technology world. Big technology brands are in desperate need to win the title of “First Smartphone Company To Introduce Foldable Smartphones.” But the interesting thing is, we will see these phones emerging one after another from the onset the year 2019.


Companies That Have Introduced Patents Of Their Foldable Smartphones In The Market:


Innovations in technology always become a hot topic after a single rumor. The same thing is happening with the upcoming trend in the technology market, the foldable smartphones. Since the beginning of 2018, we have been hearing news about the possible release of these foldable smartphones, but its almost end of the 8th month and we can’t see a release date coming any day soon.

But the good part is, the mega smartphone companies like  Apple, Huawei, LG, Motorola and more are being found frequently in the foldable smartphone news. And with Samsung being the most regarded company currently, it will be a treat to see these big players fighting for innovation.

In this blog, we would like to introduce you to some of the upcoming foldable screens smartphones, that are rumored to be launch in 2019.


  • Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy X :

Samsung has always managed to grab the limelight before introducing the actual product. This time again, Samsung has outshined big names by being more considered in the foldable smartphones’ rumors.

By releasing an official tease, Samsung Galaxy X might be released in 2019. Samsung Galaxy X, company’s new creation, is rumored to have three foldable screens!

  • Huawei’s Foldable Phone:

Another potential winner in the innovations’ race is Huawei. The Chinese company is desperate to snatch the title from Samsung by introducing its foldable smartphone earliest in the market. There are rumors that Huawei might compromise on the quality of its phone in order to launch it earlier than Samsung.

  • Apple’s Foldable iPhone:

Apple believes that things can’t go wrong with iPhone, so to keep its position firm in the market, Apple will introduce a foldable iPhone for its customers. Tech gurus are certain that the only player capable of giving Samsung a tough time is Apple’s foldable iPhone. We all are aware of the company’s approach towards innovations, so we can’t wait to see what’s on the table next.

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  • Motorola’s Motorola Razr:

Recently a report came out by T3 which reported that Motorola is apparently working to create a foldable smartphone as well. For now, the patient’s image shows us a brand new Motorola in making with two screens.

  • LG’s Foldable Smartphone:

Another big competitor in the race sure seems the experienced one. On January 2018, LG related patents of its upcoming smartphone that will be able to fold itself in half.

Now that we know which companies are working on this latest invention, we can’t wait to see who wins the race of foldable smartphones.



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