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The MS Project software is undoubtedly the most powerful weapon that a project manager can have in his/her arsenal. The software combines all the necessary tools that such individuals require for managing a project efficiently.

For those who look to hold the “project manager” designation currently and in the future, learning MS Project becomes utterly critical. An MS Project training can bestow the necessary knowledge upon those who look to become proficient in this software.

However, upon completion of the training, they have to successfully crack an exam conducted by Microsoft in order to become MS Project certified. Currently, Microsoft conducts the 74-343 exam for MS Project in which candidates can appear by paying a nominal fee.

The exam consists of questions based on the following:

Project initialisation

The topics covered under this segment include:

  • Creating a new project or using an existing template for the same and vice versa.
  • Generating custom parameters like lookup tables, graphical indicator criteria, basic formulas, etc
  • Creating and maintaining calendars. Calendars are one of the critical aspects of MS Project which help project managers keep track of a project. A training programme will thoroughly teach candidates on this aspect.
  • Customising options regarding ribbon, calendar, project, etc.

Project analysis and tracking

Topics under this segment include:

  • Using, maintaining, and updating a baseline.
  • Addressing problems related to schedule.
  • Updating project progression, cancelling unnecessary jobs, rescheduling incomplete jobs, updating dates, etc.
  • Displaying critical path information.
  • Comparing project progression with a baseline.

Resource and assignment management

Topics covered under this segment include:

  • Managing resource allocation, tracking resource availability with one or more projects, modifying assignment details, etc.
  • Managing project fixed costs, material costs, cost per use, and others.
  • Creating and assigning resources, editing assignments, assigning resources to tasks, etc.
  • Entering and editing resource details.

Creating a task-based schedule

Topics under this segment include:

  • Creating and modifying tasks, activating or deactivating them, rearranging them, creating scheduled tasks, etc.
  • Outlining project beginning date, entering project details, and applying calendars.
  • Managing multiple projects by creating an interconnected resource pool, conflict resolution between connected projects, creating connection among projects.
  • Managing and creating a schedule, defining duration, modifying task mode, and showing suggestions and warnings.
  • Setting the start and end date of a schedule, choosing the type of task, defining links, etc.

Forwarding project details

Topics under this segment include:

  • Creating visual presentations in Excel, importing and exporting data to Excel, creating hyperlinks and attaching documents.
  • Customising project views, creating and managing tables, highlight, filters, groups, etc.
  • Creating and managing dashboards, customising them, and exporting the data to XPS or PDF.
  • Using SharePoint to share project plans, receive project updates from other employees, receive project updates.
  • Using various apps and templates in the Office Store.

The 74-343 examination may include topics outside of the topics mentioned above. An MS Project training can be the right approach to excel in the exam as students can learn all the aspects covered in the exam.


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