Sat. May 18th, 2024

You may know that massage guns are a trend these days, whether you have been in a Spa, physiotherapy clinic, or yes, on Instagram during recent months. And because of this, the decision that you may take considering the purchase of a theragun has become an overwhelming challenge, as new brands emerge each week.

In this article, we intend to help your buying decisions by describing the top 5 things to look for while searching for the best massage gun. Given the costs of these tools and delivery charges, this decision should not be made lightly, you should take your time to determine which brand to invest in.

If you’re one of those people that spend their time on the computer or desk for long hours then you must be facing back pain because of these long hours. Well, you don’t need to worry anymore because all of this can be dealt with using a massage gun. A massage gun is really easy to use.

Control & efficiency

The speed of the billet attached to a massage gun is the number of times the body is hit by the massage head every minute. This is generally calculated revolutions per minute or RPM. Considering this factor, a 3200rpm speed range ensures that the head strikes the body part almost 53 times per second. These numbers are also considered as “pressure” or “intensity.” You may need a device that offers a broad range of RPMs and many speed adjustments to choose from because sometimes a light massage may be needed and at other times a rapid release of anxiety may be needed.

Convenience and the performance of the product

The last thing you want is to invest in a device that works badly or dies after a handful of weeks. You may have a defective product – but this is where the manufacturer’s warranty kicks in. Invest in a massage gun made from premium materials that give a good warranty.

The product should look high quality and be sturdy when in your grip. A lackluster quality can be easily spotted by rough edges or low exterior design finishing. The same design that is being sold under various other brand names (usually at very low prices) will also be an example of bad quality because they buy branded products from the same provider, attach their logo and give you a discount.


Massage guns have been renowned for being notoriously loud gross for many years. Sometimes they sound like power instruments that are as far from a relieving massage experience as they can be. In high-quality gyms or open Spas, you can find yourself with an annoying massage gun, that produces a large amount of noise for you, hurting your ears, and your other friends in the gym. So it may be suggested to make a decision that also revolves around this area while choosing a theragun.

Find a gadget with a brushless motor, so it is quite convenient to use it late in the night without annoying your children, your wife, or roommates.


Weight and volatility, wrist pressure, and having trouble getting on all regions of the body are some of the greatest concerns that we hear about massage guns. Although weight and bulkiness can increase over time as this equipment depreciate over time, more has already been achieved in reducing weight regarding massage guns and making it simpler to access all parts of the body more easily.

Battery Life/timing

The battery life of 45 minutes to one hour is most often enough for use by one person, as this time session is enough for completing total body care before a charge is needed. But even longer battery life, such as 3 or 4 hours, maybe useful.

With a battery life of 3 hours, a device will last 20 minutes a day for over a week between charges. This is a quality feature that makes it impossible to verify it before you take the massage gun anywhere with you, with its battery fully charged.



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