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professional exterminators in Marlborough

You found clear signs of pest infestation at home. This could be something like droppings and urine, or even shed wings and body parts. If the infestation is extreme, you may start seeing pests in plain sight. No matter the type of pest, infestation should be taken seriously. Using DIY hacks or ready pest control products may not work as long-term solutions. If you are working with a Marlborough pest control company for the first time, here are some things you should expect. 


1. Quick response

Professional exterminators take calls for pest control very seriously. Expect them to respond to your call right away, and depending on your location and other factors, they may send their expert right away. 


2. Free inspection and estimate

If a pest control company offers an estimate on the phone, consider this as a red flag. Unless they have sent someone to inspect and check the extent of the infestation, they cannot offer a fair estimate. The inspection and initial consultation should be complementary. Also, check if they offer a written estimate. This should be a no-obligation estimate so that you don’t feel burdened to hire them. 


3. A comprehensive team

Exterminators often have an extensive team working for them, including pest control experts, technicians, and entomologists. Check if their workers doing the actual job are trained and certified. The pest control company should be licensed and must have liability insurance so that any damage to your home during their work is covered. 


4. Fair explanation of pest control methods

In recent years, pest control has come a long way. Exterminators do not just use any chemical or pesticide but take time to understand the best and most effective methods. Many companies are adhering to safe ways of pest control so that their work doesn’t impact the planet. Also, it is important to discuss their methods and products, which need to be safe for pets and humans too. 


5. References on request

While you can always check for things like independent reviews on Google and Better Business Bureau ratings, it is best to ask the pest control company for references. If they are well known in Marlborough, they wouldn’t step back from sharing client details on request. 

Finally, you can expect a pest control company to offer some sort of warranty on the job. This just ensures that you don’t have to pay for the same infestation problem more than once within months.

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