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Gippsland is one of the regions of Victoria, Australia. It is located in the south-eastern part of the state and is known as the gateway to Victoria. The region is home to some of the most beautiful places and also has some interesting attractions too. 

If you are planning a trip to Gippsland then we have compiled a list of things that you must see while visiting this region. Also check out other places from Victoria:

Where is Gippsland?

Gippsland is located in the state of Victoria and is known as the gateway to Victoria. It is a small region with an area of 5,878 km² that borders South Australia. The region has a number of interesting attractions including mountain ranges, National Parks, beautiful towns and more. There’s good reason why people are moving to Gippsland to live, as well as the growing tourism market.

Gippsland East

You should start with Gippsland East, home to the largest salt lake in Victoria, Lake Eildon. – The region also has a lot of things to see and do, like the Mount Baw Baw ski resort which is a popular destination for winter sports. – There are many places to visit in Gippsland such as Strzelecki Park, Wilsons Promontory National Park and Tarra Bulga National Park

East Gippsland

One of the major attractions in Gippsland is the Great Ocean Road. It is a coast-to-coast road that stretches for about 156 km, and it is most famous for its spectacular coastal views. The region was originally inhabited by the Wathaurong Aboriginal people, and you can still see traces of their culture today. 

One of the other major attractions in East Gippsland is Bairnsdale which has a number of wineries within its city limits as well as an old railway station. The area also has some industrial history with a number of historic buildings and museums. You must visit the Lighthouse Museum if you are looking to find out more about how engineering used to be done in this region. This attraction shows off over one hundred years worth of machinery and machinery parts from the steam engine era to present day high tech machines. 

Lakes Entrance is another place that you must visit if you are planning on going on a journey around East Gippsland as this region has natural beauty all around it with great beaches and stunning views. 

There are many tourist attractions in Bass Coast such as Hermitage Bay, where there are lots of peaceful coves, or dark blue Lagoon Point where there is a lagoon and sea cave situated next to each other.

South Gippsland

The most popular tourist destination South Gippsland is the home to some of the most gorgeous natural attractions. It includes a number of national parks, pristine beaches, and popular holiday destinations. 

This region is very popular among tourists and is known for its natural beauty. The beautiful coastline in South Gippsland offers amazing views of Port Phillip Bay, making it one of the region’s top tourist attractions. You can also visit the villages such as Inverloch, Moriac, and Foster while you are here.

West Gippsland

A Beautiful World Heritage Site One of the most interesting places in Gippsland is West Gippsland. This region is part of the World Heritage Site and it has a lot to offer tourists. The region has a rich history and natural beauty that you will love to explore. One of the best features about this place is that there are no buildings in the region. You can spend your time exploring without worrying about any structures or people. 

There are some things that you must do while visiting this region as well. One activity that you shouldn’t miss out on is going for a boat cruise on the Beecher River, which is located nearby. This can be done either by hiring a boat or doing a self-guided tour. It’s also worth noting that the area has beautiful beaches like Golden Beach, which you can explore during your leisure time at West Gippsland.


Gippsland is a diverse area of Australia and offers a huge range of outdoor activities, things to see and places to visit. Gippsland is a region of southeastern Australia, covering an area of 8,000 square kilometers. It’s bordered by South Australia and Victoria. 

There are many interesting things to see in Gippsland, from the stunning beaches to the ferries which take you on a scenic journey across the bay. The region is also home to many animal species and many people go on a holiday specifically to see them.


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