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Rabbits are extremely cute animals, especially with their floppy ears and cute button tails, but there are lots of things people don’t take into consideration before getting a rabbit as a pet. Whilst rabbits do make great pets, there are a number of key things that rabbits do and require that make them quite a demanding pet and that’s often overlooked. If you’re thinking of introducing a rabbit to your family and investing in a gorgeous new pet, make sure you’re aware of the following things before making any solid commitments.

Rabbits Live Long

Many people get pet rabbits thinking that they have shorter life expectancies than other animals, but you’d be surprised to hear that rabbits can actually live up to 10-12 years. For many, this is much longer than they’d expect a rabbit to live for and this can cause issues further down the line. Whether you’ve got your pet rabbit for your child’s birthday and they grow older and move out (leaving you with the rabbit) or your life plans change and you uproot and move away, you need to think ahead and focus on your future plans before you commit to taking in a rabbit, as they will require your care and attention for many years to come.


Image Credit: The Spruce Pets

They Need Company

Unlike cats who are extremely independent animals, rabbits love nothing more than having a company and are much happier with living beside a rabbit companion. Rabbits are extremely social animals and keeping them alone can result in them becoming very lethargic and low, so if you’re thinking of getting a rabbit as a pet, you should consider having a second to keep each other company. You’ll find that by having another rabbit around, your rabbit feels safe and comfortable which in turn will ensure they’re a much happier, friendly pet to have.

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Image Credit: Petwell

Rabbit-Proofing the Home

Before you bring your pet rabbit(s) home you need to ensure your home is rabbit proofed. Rabbits like to explore and chew and nibble, so you can guarantee any loose cables will be chewed through if not kept an eye on. It’s really beneficial to put plastic casing around any cables or dangerous items that your rabbit could chew through, as once you’ve turned your back for one second, they can get into all kinds of unexpected places. Similarly, you need to make sure that your home is safe and secure. If you intend to let your rabbit roam around the house you must ensure that there is no chance of them escaping, whether that’s through open doors or open gates.


Image Credit: Bridge Vets Aberdeen

Exercise and Healthcare

One of the most important things to know before getting your pet rabbit is just how much exercise and unique healthcare they will require. Rabbits are active animals and they need to be kept moving throughout the day. It’s important to invest in a rabbit run or something outdoors that they can run around in and play, helping them to burn energy and keep active. You also need to do some research into what medication and healthcare your rabbit will require, as they often need unique items that can become costly further down the line.


Image Credit: Drove Vets

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