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Remember back in years when you and your friend would dream of knowing what your pet was doing? Well, that was passed. In the present, we have a multifunctional gadget, the perfect gift to surprise your friend and reminiscence on your past dreams. The Furbo treat-dispensing dog camera launched by Tomofun, a Seattle based company, is a multifunctional dog cam. It can remotely talk and launch treats while keeping an eye on your pet’s activity. Let’s explore why Furbo makes the perfect gift

Easy to Install

Furbo works magically by allowing you to keep a tab on your pet. Set it up by plugging it into the wall, download the accompanying free app and connect it via Bluetooth. After the setup, get ready to video talk and check on your pet anytime from anywhere.

Treat Dispenser

Many dog treats are centered on food, with many gifts being dog bowls or treats. Furbo has a unique way of dispersing such a treat. It allows the god owner to launch a treat anytime regardless of their location. The dog owners can delight or surprise and record as their dog reacts to their favorite treats dispersing from thin air. Moreover, Furbo allows the pet parents to choose the ideal gifts for their furry babies.

Easy Communication

Furbo provides a practical way to create a stronger bond with your dog. It uses two-way communication for natural interaction. Your dog will hear your voice as you communicate with it. Also, it allows you to hear and see your dog as it tries to talk back. This gives you a bonding session, even when not home. The bark alert feature gives you a notification when the dog starts barking. A dog may bark due to frustration, restlessness, or when it senses someone around your home. Furbo uses a camera to check out the problem and to soothe the dog with a treat or your voice.

Gift of training

With the Furbo, you can train your dog accordingly and monitor their behavior around the clock. Since Furbo uses two-way communication and dispenses treats, it allows dogs and humans to engage in training. The owner issues a command, and when the furry respond, it receives a gift. This way, regardless of the distance, you can train your dog to become friends and adopt good habits.

Dog video and Camera

The most personalized gift to a dog lover is that it enables them to spend more time with their furry. Furbo comes with a video and camera application, including night vision and HD camera technology. With this technology, you can easily watch your dog through the live HD feeds and record the videos for future watching.

Social Sharing

Of course, with photo and video recording, you can capture and record special moments. With Furbo, you can share your dog’s perfect moments and in real-time. Just tap on your phone device screen and instantly send photos and videos on social media account. With the free Furbo app, you can share the dog’s life from its perspective.

If thinking of buying the perfect gift for a dog owner, don’t look further than Furbo treat-dispensing dog camera. It’s a gift with lifetime memories that allows monitoring, communication, and giving treats to a furry friend.

By Sudarsan Chakraborty

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