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Things You Should Be Knowing To Be A Professional BloggerThings You Should Be Knowing To Be A Professional Blogger

Wanna “Start your career as a professional blogger? Lacking in how to take your blog from zero to the next level. 

If your answer is yes, you will be able to make a career out of blogging. 

In this topic we’ll be going to about essential blogging skills you need to create a productive blog from the cut.

With today’s tools and technology, anyone can start blogging a full-time profession. A lot of steps involved in setting up a blog, building traffic, and finally monetizing it. This strength does not give all the information that you need to become a professional blogger, but you should be more than enough to get started. If you are those who are willing to start your career as a blogger. 

Choose Your Niche

You have done choosing your niche, domain name, and it’s time to start with blogging. There are many blogging platforms on the web. some are free, and some are paid. But I will not recommend blogging in a and because free platforms do not allow business use, and you will not own your web-property. 

As an example – It is always better to have a business in the right location as it helps a business to get connected with its customers easily and thus it helps a business with good revenue. 

Choose A Domain Name

You need to choose your domain name because that will be your brand name. People sometimes register their names and start blogging. It is a general brand name, and sometimes is a combination of both. 

As an example – James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits, blogs at 

Look For A Good And Decent WordPress Hosting Provider

This is one of the important thing that one should take a note of! If you want your blogging website to be really informative and with the best uptime then you need to choose the right hosting provider who can help you out with it. So if you are looking for the right and best hosting provider then I would like to recommend you to go with HostingRaja. Because they provide the best WordPress hosting solution along with the latest features and with good uptime.

Prepare Custom Logo And Theme Design

A WordPress blog right out of the crate is not going to look great. The proper design, the template that comes with the installation is not going to help you the way readers like because of free templates won’t have much creative. If you have a budget there are some websites available to create a custom design and templates. 

A design that looks colorful and attractive to the eye might not be the best for readability and increases the page load speed, this might hit your SEO. A design that looks plain externally without any colors and contrast might be a good option for readability. But at the end of the day content is that all matters, how it connects the visitors and what kind of values it adds to the visitor’s lives. And your users will come back to your blog for more further.

Install Essential Plugins

The most important thing in running your blog on WordPress is that you get more numbers of plugins that can add functionality to your website. Even a huge website like The New Yorker is powered by WordPress

I suggest you few plugins after installing your blog.

  • Akismet: To prevent spam comments on your blog 
  • Contact Form 7: In this, you can manage multiple contact forms, with mail contents flexibly with simple markup. 
  • All in One SEO Pack: To optimize your blog for the search engines 
  • Yoast SEO: Improve your WordPress SEO Write better content and have a fully optimized WordPress website using.
  • Google XML Sitemaps: To develop sitemaps in XML format that has links to all the pages of your website. 

Publish Your First Post

Being a non-tech person to reaching this point can be quite a stress-inducing situation. But, if you have reached this point, don’t stop. It is time to publish your first post and page. Being a non-tech person to reaching this point can be quite a stress-inducing situation. But, if you have reached this point, don’t stop. It is time to publish your first post and page. Primarily get started with the introduction of the blog. People will come to know what we are capable of. When people visit the blog. And the last Check the blog it is connected to your brand and then make it publish.

Install Google Analytics And Configure Search Console

You know before the release of Google Analytics, it is not easy to purchase web analytics tools. When Google Analytics launched, it gave us the power of business web analytics to every blogger and website owner. Once you install Google Analytics, you will be able to track the daily visitors, sessions, and page views of your blog. Also, you will be able to track the source of this traffic. The primary roots of traffic will be direct, social media, and search engines. And some from paid search traffic.

Before you start building traffic, you might need to configure the search console. The search console gives you primary data and insights about how your website is working in Google Search. Last you will be able to see the keywords that most people search for when they come to your website.

Build Your Social Media Presence

The primary set of visitors to your blog comes from social media. If you’ve used it some years for work experience. I assure you that you have hundreds of Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections. Apart from optimizing and regularly posting on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can also start managing a Facebook group. Every time I publish a post in the Facebook group and I get thousands of visitors. Furthermore, get ideas for new posts by running surveys and asking open-minded questions on my group.

To Have A Good SEO Strategy 

Without the search engine traffic, we would miss a high-quality visitors who could be my clients. With a good web-hosting, lightweight theme and SEO WordPress plugins, you are all set to get traffic from search engines. And you should be focussing on is researching the demand for various keywords related to your niche. After keywords research is done, y’all should publish articles to meet the request of the keywords that people are searching for. 

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