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Fire extinguisher

Accidents can happen in any form. Fire-accident is one of the most devastating disaster. Nowadays we can see many high-rise buildings, factory. But we have also seen some tragic deaths due to fire accidents all over the world. The most effective way from fire outbreak is fire extinguisher. It can minimize the damage. Many people think that the price of fire extinguisher is very high which is completely FALSE. You can get a fire extinguisher for only $25. So, we should not take any risk and get a fire extinguisher right now. And by following the above tips, you can save your life as well as others.

But in developing countries, we can see these kinds of accident more often. So, let’s talk about fire safety procedure and learn what to do and what not to do during fire accident.


  1. Try to put out the fire early.
  2. Use portable firefighting equipment.
  3. Do not use water if caught on electric lines / machinery. Use a carry able carbon dioxide or dry chemical powder extruder. If not, use dry sand.
  4. Use of fire water from oil-containing substances is dangerous. Carry foam-type fire extinguisher or dry sand or wet cloth / sack with sacks. A fire extinguisher can be one of the life-saving elements. People have been very aware of the recent fire accidents and the use of fire extinguisher.
  5. Do not try to remove valuables if there is a fire in the house or office. It’s important to save lives for you and family members at this time. A second time is also worth it.
  6. The more calm the situation, the greater the chances of getting rid of danger.
  7. Do not run when you have caught a fire. Go where you want to go, cover the nose with cloth, and soak the cloth with water in your hand.
  8. If you see smoke on the stairs, don’t get up, don’t try to get to the roof. Smoke is lighter than air, so it rises upward quickly. So, there is danger of smoke entering the breath!
  9. If getting down the stairs is dangerous, go to the porch or the window, if there is more time available.
  10. Avoid smoky paths. If you are forced to go, try to get out of bed or crawl. As the smoke rises, the oxygen in the lower air is high.
  11. If you do not see anything in the smoke and have more than one member, then you should hold one another and move holding each other’s clothes or legs.
  12. By giving courage to each other in danger, the chances of getting rid of danger increase.


Besides this, in apartments and office, there should be a fire drill regularly which will get you accustomed with the fire disaster. Read fire safety guidelines in your areas is a must and if you’re a visitor then memorizing the emergency number will also help you to get the emergency service quickly.


By Arif

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